Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Show 7 7/23/14

***So Butterfly (2014 Version)-Bassnectar-NVSB
***Impatient-Anushka-Broken Circuit
Mind, Body and Soul-Mark Rae-Into the Depths
Eclectic Storm-Dark Leaf-No Categories 4
The Crunch-Mayhem-Torpedo Torpedo

Concrete Jungle-Silkie-City Limits Volume 1
Disco Quatro (Original Version)-Quentin Quatro-Disco Quatro EP
Disco Quatro (Psychedelic Remix)-Quentin Quatro-Disco Quatro EP
***Sheen-Xeno & Oaklander-Par Avion

Amidha-Samadha Trio-Immediate Action
Stone River-Anenon-Inner Hue
Murmurs-Anenon-Inner Hue
Nhu Golden Era-Bobby Hughes Combination-Nhu Golden Era

Clive the Runner-Bobby Hughes Combination-Nhu Golden Era
Moogjuus-Bobby Hughes Combination-Nhu Golden Era
Intro-Ian Allen-Nova's Lounge
Soho Movement-Ian Allen-Nova's Lounge
360-Ian Allen-Nova's Lounge

Penetrate-Stubborn Heart-Stubborn Heart
Saltare (Parts 1 & 2)-Throwing Snow-Mosaic
***Behind the Wheel-Inverse Phase-Enjoy the Science: Tribute to Depeche Mode
Trail of Dawn-Slow Train Soul-Illegal Cargo

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Show 5 07/16/14

Intro-Basement Jaxx-Crazy Itch Radio
Hush Boy-Basement Jaxx-Crazy Itch Radio
Zoomalude-Basement Jaxx-Crazy Itch Radio
***Last Minute- Paul Basic-Transient Horizons

***Crystal Handgun-Conrad Clifton-Picture in Picture
***La De Dee (He's Hopeless)-Conrad Clifton-Picture in Picture
***Mandaley-Tomas Barfod-Love Me

***Oh-Plaid-Reachy Prints
***The Phoenix-Fhloston Paradigm-The Phoenix

Matthew Dear-Idol Tryouts: Ghostly International Vol. 1
The Void Feat. Jassy Grez-Throwing Snow-Mosaic
Maera feat Adda Kaleh-Throwing Snow-Mosaic

Danny Breaks-Droppin Science Volumes
Why I'm Easy-Mindelixir-Why I'm Easy
Bound too Long (Hypermix)-The Crystal Method-Community Service II
Bizarre Love Triangle (The Crystal Method's CSII Mix)-New Order- Community Service II

A Blur-Sindri-Under an Attack Waiting to Happen
Marching Warfare-Sindri-Under an Attack Waiting to Happen
Brothel Trainbox-Sindri-Under an Attack Waiting to Happen

Suzuki-Tosca-L'Incoronata Milano Lounge
La Maison-Gabin-L'Incoronata Milano Lounge

Where I Belong (Red Astaire Remix)-Sia-American Rag Cie
Searching- Shur-I-Kan -Waypoints

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Show 4 July 9th, 2014

***Bog Dance-Marke-Product of Industry
***Restless City-Lone-Reality Testing
***Enjoy the Silence-Herbert Weixelbaum-Tribute to Depeche Mode Enjoy the Science

Beg-House of Black Lanterns-Kill the Lights
***Stereo Breath-Mr. Scruff-Friendly Bacteria
Hangin Out-Naytronix-Dirty Glow
In the Summer-Naytronix-Dirty Glow
Baby Don't Walk Away-Naytronix-Dirty Glow
Atomic Playboy-Aalacho-Electro

Self-Importance-Heterotic-Weird Drift
Shadows in Bloom-Games-That We Can Play
Station (Meet me at the)-Thr!!!er-!!! (Chk Chk Chk)
Soft Summer-John Beltram-Lush Life Electronica

Standing Before Time-Graham Haynes-Full Circle
Love Him-Okapi-Love him : Okapi Plays the Music of Aldo Kapi

Intro-Slime Girls-Vacation Wasteland (
***Treasure Map-Ocean Roulette-Treasure Map single (
***Sweet Leaf - X-Ray Fiends-Herpes/Sweet Leaf/ Prozac (
***Always Forget-SHVS-My, My (Upcoming LP) (

***Anyone Who Knows Her- Pat Daugherty-Dance of the Hours
***Bounce to This- Pat Daugherty-Dance of the Hours
***Space Echo- Pat Daugherty-Dance of the Hours
***Piano Furioso- Pat Daugherty-Dance of the Hours
***Linger- Pat Daugherty-Dance of the Hours

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer 2014 Show 3 07/02/14

***Deliverance-Mr. Scruff-Friendly Bacteria
Duck-Interfearence-Take That Train
F-Train-Spuarepusher-Do You Know Squarepusher?
Who Stole the Show-Brassy-Got it Made
Play Some D-Brassy-Got it Made

Art School Girls-Ninjasonik-Art School Girls
Cosmic Rocker (...this one remix)-Ruts-Babylon's Burning Reconstructed Dub Drenched Soundscapes
June Louder-Thumbstack Smoothie-Homestyle
The Game is not Over featuring Miss Kitten-T.Raumschmiere-Radio Blackout
Drown in the Sea While Watching the Stars-T.Raumschmiere-Radio Blackout
Noondoggy-Thumbstack Smoothie-Homestyle

Exterminator (Massive Attack remix)-Primal Scream-Rarewerks
Inside and Out(Pearson and Usher Elektronischer Dub)-Feist-Ewan Pearson
Meikou-Uusi Fanrtasia-Life is Jazz
Mommy Cmoplex-Peaches-I Feel Cream (Clean Edit)
Tammi-Rinne Radio-Life is Jazz

Hogg Heaven-Davie Allan-Loud Loose and Savage
Harry Sledge-The Charles Napiers-This is...Mondo Way
Rumble-The Charles Napiers-This is...Mondo Way
Invasion of the Body Surfers-Davie Allan-Loud Loose and Savage

Very Subtle Elevators-Man or Astroman?-A Spectrum of Infinite Scale
Friends from the 80's-Disjunction Reunion-Couchblip!
Don't Move-Cottonbelly-Amount of Niceness

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer 2014 Show 2 6/25/14

***Don't Ask- Sabota-Sabota
***Holiday Heart-Ki Theory-Kitty Hawk Deluxe Editino
***Lost featuring Pell-Tomas Barfod-Love me
***Destiny's Child-Tomas Barfod-Love me
***Busy Baby featuring Nina K-Tomas Barfod-Love me
***Saltare (Parts 1 & 2)-Throwing Snow-Mosaic
***Hypnotize featuring Kid A-Throwing Snow-Mosaic
***Family in Everybody-Secrets of Bohemia-Altai Lelio
Limbic-Lobe-Water Communication
Spaced in-Colin Newman-Water Communication
***Trust in You-Tourist-Patterns EP
***Photographic (Megamix)-8-Bit Operators-Tribute to Depeche Mode Enjoy the Science
***Lost in the Chrome Forest-Chrome Sparks-Goddess EP
***Glassbeadgames with Four Tet-Martyn-The Air Between Words
***Set Me Free (Piano Dub)-Nightmares of Wax-N.O.W. is the Time
***Arsha Noah-Nightmares of Wax-N.O.W. is the Time
Pinch Beck-Kona Trinagle-Sing A New Sapling into Existence
Bruzin (VIP)-Terror Danjah-DJ Kicks: Kode 9
Run (feat. Flo Dan)-The Bug-DJ Kicks: Kode 9
Hangover (Bababa)-Buraka Som Sistema-Komba
Solta o Frango-Bonde Do Role
Rap Do CB-Bonde Do Role

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Show Day and Time: The First Summer 2014 Show 6/18/14

The show is now on Wednesdays at the same time 6AM-8AM, Thanks for tuning into KUCI IRVINE online at or on the radio at 88.9FM!


***Aurora-Ben Frost-Aurora
Bamboo Houses-Davud Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto (Michael Reinboth Set)-I Like It Vol. 1

We Love Dancing-All-In-Arling &Cameron

Nature's Disco Feat. Jeannie Hopper-Beat Pharmacy-Steadfast
***Access to Excellence-Diamond Version-CI
***Turn on Tomorrow (CI)-Diamond Version-CI
Shogun-Pegasus-Legally Stoned: High on Drum and Bass[Mixed]
Shogun-Pegasus-Legally Stoned: High on Drum and Bass[Unmixed]

***Made to Love You-Steffaloo-Heart Beats

***Hawkmoth-Plaid-Reachy Point
***The Wheel-Sohn-Tremors


***2 is 8-Lone-Reality Testing
***Airglow Fires-Lone-Reality Testing
Enola Gay (Remix - YisraeLee (OMD)...more at

***Sleeping Giant-The Bombay Royale-Phone Baje Na
Dolce Amoroso Foco-Franciscus Bossinenisis-YouTube
Into The Light-Arkestra One-Arkestra One
***Dreamatone-Golden Changes-Panther God

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dance Across the Ages 06/05/14 Playlist

You've Been Spiked-Chris Joss-You've Been Spiked
Black Powder-Motor-Black Powder/Punkture
Space Monkey-Genji Siraisi-CensorSh!t
Jefferson Shuffle-Pest-Necessary Measures

***Ezra's Interlude featuring Ezra Koenig-Chromeo-White Woman
***Old 45's-Chromeo-White Woman
***The Meaning of Life-Chrome Sparks-Goddess EP
***Eyes for You-Steffaloo-Heart Beats

***triangle-Bad Bad Not Good-III
Disc for Jay-Genji Siraisi-CensorSh!t
Wipe that Sound-Mouse on Mars-Mouse on Mars Live 04
Black Moss Caves Pt. 1-Secret Frequency Crew-Forest of the Echo Downs
Fantastic Voyage-Takako Minekawa-Fun 9
Tiger-Takako Minekawa-Fun 9

***Do It-Sorceress-Dose
Honey (Amsterdam is not L.A.)- Solex-Low Kick and Hard Bop
No Longer Hurt-Sietta-The Seventh Passenger
The Fire of Love by Noel W. Sanger-Thomas Michael-Soundscapes--Live From Melbourne
Climbing Walls (Van She Tech Remix)-Strange Talk-Falling in Love EP
The End Piece-Sub Liquid-Beneath your Reflection