Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Summer Quarter 09/17/14

Hey all this playlist is full of  new releases and most can be found on SoundCloud.  Starting from 'All Right All Night', they can all be found together under a set entitled 'Show Set 5' by DiamondDust (my SoundCloud account).

DJ Diamond

Track-Artist-Album (if available)

Forgiveness Step 1-Martyn-The Air Between Words
Aqui, Port Lligat-FaltyDL-In The Wild
Glassbeadgames (with Four Tet)-Martyn-The Air Between Words

All Night All Right (MLD All Night Edit)-Dahweed
Dream Big (Head in the Clouds)-Boy Without Batteries
Lonely Rolling Star [Katamari Damacy](Grimecraft Remix)-GameChops
Last Chance (Auxcide Remix) ft. Ryn-Kaskade ft Project 46

Our Names in Lights-Two Friends Ft. Breach the Summit
Breach-The Key ft Kelis

Bills (Original Mix)-GAWTBASS& LUZCID
Mefesays-Stefan Dabruck
Sugar Free (BigRoom Ver.)- T-ara
Freakin hype (Sean&Bobo Mashup)-Sean  & Bobo
Maybe ft (@Jxddzky_x@he_s0rvndom) Remix-Teyana Taylor
I Can't Stop Drinking About You (The Chainsmokers Remix)-Bebe Rexha

Take Your Time-Artifakts
My Head is a Jungle (My Head is a Dub Mix)-Wankelmut and Emma Louise
My Heart-Smith & Westin

Oh Yeah-Jameston Thieves & Dirty Doses

The One(Ft FLOWDAN) Clean Version-The Bug-Angels and Devils

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer Quarter Show 09/10/14

Track-Artist-Album ***=New ^~^=Compilation

***January (Cosmic Kids Remix)-Silva-January EP
***^~^Never Defeated featuring Rachel Claudio-Fhloston Paradigm-Hyperdub 10.2
Heidi Bruehl Plantlife's Love Philosophy Mix-Tosca-Souvenirs
^~^Abyss (Moore-Morillo Dub)-Kobb & Fabb X-Subliminal Sessions Four
^~^Go Deeper-Lab Rats-Subliminal Sessions Four

A Girl I Know-Sabrepulse-YouTube
The Meaning of Love-Chrome Sparks-Goddess EP
Break U Off-Chrissy Murderbot-Women's Studies

Inca Steppe-Juno Reactor-Gods and Monsters
Tokyo Dub-Juno Reactor-Gods and Monsters
Final Frontier-Juno Reactor-The Golden Sun of the East

^~^Aliens Don't Boogie-Thor-Richie Hawtin:Decks, EFX & 909
***Burn the Rubble-Classy Mongrel-Love & Resistance
Family in Everybody-Altai Lelio-Secrets of Bohemia
Untitled 12- Falty DL-In the Wild
Closer to the Sun feat The Reminders, Sloppy Joe, Timeline-AMP Live-Headphone Concerto

Access/Song of Sand I-Nils Petter Molvaer-Khmer

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summer Quarter 9/4/14

*** Xingfu Lu-Kode9-Hyperdub 10.1
The Beach Party-Hot Chip- Coming on Strong

Add this Song-GusGus-24/7
Another Place-Carl Cox-Phuture 2000

My Hardboiled Egg Heart-Coppe'-Peppermint
Jan+Jeff+Jungle Curry-Coppe'-Peppermint

Break til Broken-Thavius Beck-The Most Beautiful Ugly
Like a Moving Truck-Red Snapper-Making Bones
Party Machine-Farad Bruce Haack-The Electric Voice
Electric To Me Turn-Farad Bruce Haack-The Electric Voice
***Dragracing-ILED 3 LIVES-Nublu Sound
***Portal 1-Fhloston Paradigm-The Phoenix
Spiraling Against Anything-Savvas Ysatis-Tower of Winds
***Portal 4-Fhloston Paradigm-The Phoenix
Mars-Marek Hemmann-Bittersweet
***Portal 3-Fhloston Paradigm-The Phoenix
Never Mess With Sunday-Yppah- Eighty-One

White Russian-N.Phect+Dizplay-Beautiful Bytes
Runciter's Coin-My Kill Jack's On-Milk Beast's Lullaby
Le Le Lengwe-Hawke-Heatstroke

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Playlist 08/27/14

Code Blue-DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid featuring Daniel Bernard Roumain-Juncture
***Too Far-Classy Mongrel-Love & Resistance
***Invader-Near Dark-Dance with the Dead
Macumba (feat Mixhell)-Buraka Som Sistema

LUVUGUYZ-Spark-Super Robot Battle Deluxe
***Nine-FaltyDL-In the Wild
Subconscious (Pure Mix)-Sote-Electric Deaf

***For Such a Time (kuba Remix)-Banco De Gaia-Rewritten Histories 2002-2013
***Feeling the Freedom-(Feat. Kyoka)-CI-Diamond Version
Psionic Training-Neutronic-The Mutation Engine
April Seven-Praful-Pyramid in Your Backyard
Seven Stars-Marbert Rocel-Speed Emotions

***January (Teen Daze Remix)-Silva-January
***Are We Dancing Featuring Ill-Esha-AMP Live-Headphone Concerto
Tamarindio-Ocote Soul Sounds + Adrian Quesada-El Nino y El Sol
Considerando-Shantel-Quango World Groove
The Entity-DJ 3D-The Law of the Land

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dance Across the Ages Playlist for August 20th 2014

***Aggy-Walton-Hyperdub 10.1
***Get Em Up-DJ Taye-Hyperdub 10.1
***BadBoi-Pegboard Nerds-Free Download at:
***Dreaming of Me-gameboymusicclub-Enjoy the Science: Tribute to Depeche Mode
HyperParadise (Flume Mixtape x GANZ Flip x Daara P Re-Edit) Daara P-Free Download at:
Into The Night-Antonionian-Antonionian
Le Mobilier (Radio Edit)-Rinocerose-Le Mobilier
Le Mobilier(Truxton Remix)-Rinocerose-Le Mobilier
Life-Animus Amour-Don't Run Unless God Says
Welcome to Heaven-Realistic-Perpetual Memory Loss
Evil Knevil-Human-Depth Charge presents Electro Boogie
MIDI Tune Up-Layo & Bushwacko-Low Life
Stepps-Taylor McFerrin
Cotton Wool (Fila Brazilla Mix)-Lamb-The Rebirth of Cool Four
Things Ain't what They Used to Be Featuring John Santos & Orlando Torriente-Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet-Latin Jazz
La Picona-Beto Villa-Father of Orquesta Tejana Vol. 1
Angelina-Beto Villa-Father of Orquesta Tejana Vol. 1
High Side of Lowdown-James Cohen-High Side of Lowdown
Machete-Afro Novalima-Afro Novalima
Candela-Afro Novalima-Afro Novalima
Bionic Boogaloo-Bionico-Bio Ritmo
Grizmatik-Digital Liberation is Mad Freedom

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 13th Summer Playlist 8/13/14

Impromptu-Kodomo-Patterns & Light
Just Vybe, Soule Poower mix, feat Fatima-DVA-Hyperdub 10.2
Hard-Bobo Sinclair-Soundz of Freedom: My Ultimate Summer of Love Mix
Exotic Talk-RJD2Since We Last Spoke

Shattered (Beat Pharmacy Dub)-Ted Patterson-SoundCloud
Nature's Dub feat. Jeannie Hopper-Beat Pharmacy-Steadfast
New Haven-FaltyDL-In the Wild

The Fix-Project Shadow feat. Racy-SoundCloud
Wonderland-DJ Noriken- From_Ten_Wonderland
On the Beat (web edit)-kors feat.Yukacco-SoundCloud Download link:
Flash Back-Bassnectar-Noise Versus Beauty

Piece- X-Dream -More Signs of Life
Ride.-Morel-Queen of the Highway
Dreaming of L.A.-Morel-Queen of the Highway
Every Summer Night-Sonny Moon-Sonny Moon
Avarice-Throwing Snow-Mosaic
My Society-De Phazz-Days of Twang

Balcon Sin Flores-Savath &Savala-Apropa't
Tweezed-I Want My Mommy-Colic
Keep Hope Alive-The Crystal Method-Keep Hope Alive
Year of Silence-Crystal Castles-Crystals Castles
Apples & Oranges-Solvent-Elevators and Oscillators
You Belong-Hercules and Love Affair-You Belong
My Sweet, Goodbye-Induce-Halfway Between Me and You
New +Improved-The Herbaliser-New + Improved

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 7th Show 8/7/14

***Come Find Me-Mr. Scruff-Friendly Bacteria
***Don't Hate the 808 feat. Lafa Taylor-Bassnectar-NVSB
False Flag Dub-Thievery Corporation-Culture of Fear
***Gnar-Bassnectar and The Upbeats-NVSB
***King (Home Dub)-Live Island-Acoustic Division Sampler

City Sleepwalker-Junior Varsity KM-Teledesic Disco 2
***Feel it Coming on-Soft Vision-Acoustic Division Sampler
A Playground Called Life Part 1-Baretta-Velvet Brick
Size-Alpine Stars-B.A.S.I.C
A Playground Called Life Part 2-Baretta-Velvet Brick

***Fashion Skater-Martyn-The Air Between Words
Triple Fat Goose-Matt Shadetek-The Empire Never Ended
El Coco Baile-Senor Coconut-El Gran Baile
Uncaged-Leb Laze-Music for Troubled Machinery
In the Morning-Junior Boys-So This is Goodbye

Batman Theme-Link Wrey-Rumble!:The Best of Link Wray
Thin Red Line-Valentine Six-The Valentine Six
Jack The Ripper (Live Version)-Link Wrey-Rumble!:The Best of Link Wray
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken-The Tiki Tones-Mondo Drive-in

Broken Nose-Rachelle Garniez & The Fortunate Few-Serenade City
Rockhouse-The Ernie Freeman Combo-Organs in Orbit
Laser Blast-Adventure-Weird Work
Electric Ewok Village-Mochipet-Disko Donkey

***Run-Jim-E Stack-Tell Me I Belong