Saturday, April 28, 2012

Playlist for April 28, 2012 (Spring Fund Drive Special)

Artist-Album-Track  ***=new release  ^~^=part of a compilation :)(:=request

Tiga-Ciao-Beep Beep Beep
Apparat-The Devil's Walk-Sweet Unrest
Dub is a Weapon-Vaporized-Insurrection

FM Belfast-Don't Want to Sleep-Stripes
Games-That We Play-Strawberry Skies
FM Belfast-How to Make Friends-Par Avion

FM Belfast-How to Make Friends-Underwear
Kraak & Smaak-Boogie Angst-Money in The Bag
Professor Green ft. Ruth Anne-YouTube-Remedy
^~^DJ HMC-Audio Video Disco-Polarize

DJ Olive-Bodega-Shy Ear Swing
Gipsyland-Viva La Musica-Viva La Musica
Armik-Mar de Suenos-Spring Passion

***J.W.W. and the Prospectors-It's High Past Noon-It's High Past Noon
***J.W.W. and the Prospectors-It's High Past Noon-When I thought You'd Be

^~^Electrocutango-Tango Around the World-Felino
Sean Keane-Jig It in Style-Willie's Single and The Glen Road to Carrick
^~^Miguel Angel Cortes-Gypsy Caravan-Al Likindoy
Elaine Elias; written by Ivan Lins-Will Jennings-Bossa Nova Stories-I'm Not Alone (Who Loves You?)
DJ Taka-YouTube-Colors (Original Mix

Thursday, April 26, 2012

KUCI Spring Fund Drive

This week starts the KUCI Spring fund drive and it will go on until May 5, 2012 (at midnight).  Please help us out in this time by calling (949) 824-5824 (949 UCI-KUCI) and pledge.  There will be an operator on the phone who will guide you through the process.  University of California has lowered their support for KUCI by 20% twice in the last three years, so there is more pressure to generate income.  Our goal is $10,000 this year and we will accept any and all donations.  You can get cool stuff if you donate.  If you make a $35 donation, you will get a KUCI T-shirt, a CD, tickets or a gift certificate.  If you cannot decide between a T-shirt or CD, you could splurge a little and donate $50 to collect two premium items (CD or T-shirt or two of either one).   A $100 donation will give you a chance to pick up to four items or sit in one of the shows that play on KUCI.  I love this station because they play music for any tastes and host public affairs shows that ask the real questions.  If you like good music, this station is for you.  If you still are not convinced listen to 88.9 FM or go to and listen via the music streamer (its also on iTunes).  

Once again please donate and if you do say that you pledge for Dance Across the Ages or say I sent you.

Thank you for your consideration,

DJ Diamond

PS I provided links at the bottom of the post for your convenience and hop you enjoy the music

Links to:

The Spring fund drive information page (list of premiums, KUCI T-shirt designs, the station's history, and links to donate via Paypal or through the UCI eGiving site)-

The station's weekly schedule-

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Playlist for 04/21/12

This week included a lot more trance and some European instrumental tunes.  The Renaissance tracks are played because of UCI's annual Wayzgoose Renaissance Festival.   

Salva-Complex Housing-I'll Be Your Friend
Boys Noize-Power-Transmission
Salva-Complex Housing-Blue

Colette-Push-Get You Over
Various Artists (Head Affect)Trance Pacific Express-Infosect
Various Artists(Slam)-Trance Europe Express 5-Soul Power
Various Artists (Capoierna)-Trance Pacific Express-Capoierna

Various Artists (Along the Way)-Brazil Remixed-Rithma
DJ Sneak-House of OM vol.1-Funky Rhythm (Fries and Bridges Remix)

Boston College Irish Studies Program-Gaelic Roots-Emiliy's Reel;Flowing Bowl;Mason's Men
Boston College Irish Studies Program-Gaelic Roots-The Lonesome Polkas
Composed by Michael Praetorius; Arranged by Malcolm Wilson; Performed by Celtic Carillon-YouTube-Volta from Terpsichore
Pierre Attaingnant, Ulsamer-Collegium, &Josef Ulsamer-YouTube-Basse dance la brosse, Basse dance la gatta & Basse dance mon desir

Sean Keane-Jig It In Style- Brereton's & The Bucks of Oranmore
Various Artists (Mitch Woods and his Rocket 88's)-A Celebration of Blues: Great Swing Blues-Solid Gold Cadillac
Various Artists (Little Charlie & The Night Cats)-A Celebration of Blues: Great Swing Blues-Sure Seems Strange
Various Artists (Tommy Castro)-A Celebration of Blues: Great Rock-A-Boogie Blues-Hard Luck Case
Leonard Bernstein-Leonard Bernstein:A Portrait: Theatre Works Vol. 1-Overture to "Candide"

Various Artists (Jomed)-North African Groove-Montuno Noreno
Various Artists (Faudel)-North African Groove-Montuno Si Tu le Veux
Various Artists (Babacar y Sabor Internacional)-Salsa Around the World-Ignane
Various Artists (Cheb Jilani)-North African Groove-Bahebbak 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Playlist for 4/14/12

This week Dance Across the Ages presents the Mario Dance Party session at around 2:45 AM as well a trip around the world visiting the continents of Africa, Asia, North and South America (still wish we went to Europe).  However second week never looked better.

 Artist-Album-Track ***=new release
***Bonobo-Black Sands Remixed-All in Forms (FaltyDL remix)
Federico Aubele-Gran Hotel Buenos Aires-Diario De Viaje
Bliss-Don't Look Back EP-Don't Look Back(radio edit)

Boys Noize-Boys Noize Remixed-Shine Shine (Apparat Remix)
Lazy Dog(mixed by Ben Watts and original by Leee John)-Lazy Dog Deep House Music-Mighty Power of Love
Lazy Dog(mixed by Jay Hannan and original by Halo Varga)-Lazy Dog Deep House Music-Future!

Slavic Soul Party-Teknochek Collision-9 at the River

U1-Asami(composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)-Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix-Underground Mozart (based on Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik)

Various Artists (Emo)-A New Groove-In the Back of the Car
U1-Asami(composed by Hirokazu Tanaka)-Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix-Deep Freeze (based on "Fever" from Dr. Mario)
Slavic Soul Party-Teknochek Collision-Never Gonna Let You Go
U1-Asami(composed by Koji Kondo)-Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix-Where's The Exit(Based on "Underground" from Super Mario Bros.)

Various Artists-The Sound of Club Secousse Vol. 1-Angonde (Remix)
Hong-mei Yu-String Glamour-Dancing Music of Amis Tribe
Hong-mei Yu-String Glamour-Spring Song
Club Nisei-Sayonara Farewell Tokyo-Tokyo Boogie Woogie

Club-Nisei-Sayonara Farewell Tokyo-Shina No Yoru
Various Artists (Albert Ammons)-Boogie Woogie Kings-Pinetop's Blues
Various Artists (Meade Lux Lewis)-Boogie Woogie Kings-Doll House Boogie
Various Artists(Chichi Peralta)-Republica Dominica-Procura
Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble- GYPSY JAZZ - Tango Innominado

U1-Asami(composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)-Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix-Pipe Pop (based on Mozart's Turkish March)
Austra-Feel It Break-The Future

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Emergency Sub Playlist for The Rave Cave for April 07.2012

***=New  release
Some tracks may be forgotten, misplaced or out of order, but here is the play list for The Rave Club's first show. Next week you can listen to the show with its main host Nikko at 4-6am on Saturdays. The order for this will follow my show's format of Artist (composer and/or mixer)-Album (or YouTube or Sound Cloud if unknown and found online)-Track

Rameses B - Memoirs
Delta 9-Disco Inferno-Welcome to Hell
Arranged by Specialist Sound and Ravepants-Sound Cloud-Psyborg mix 1 (master)
Games -That We Play- Strawberry Skies
Frederick Durand and mixed by DJ Funsko -Sound Cloud- Le Funk
Rave Our Souls -Sound Cloud- Rave Battleweapon
Balkan Beat Box-Give-Suki Muki
Anamanaguchi -Dawn Metropolis - Blackout City
Shota Kageyama-Kimono girls Ritual-Pokemon Heart Gold Soul Silver
Jazzanova-Broad Casting-Wahoo
Anamanaguchi -YouTube- Airbrushed
***Shakedown Mambo-Shakedown Mambo-Shakedown Mambo
Sabrepulse - Sound Cloud-We Are Hi-Speed
Kid Ory -YouTube - Muskrat Ramble
Anamanaguchi - Dawn Metropolis - Jetpack Blues Sunset Hues
Minako Adachi-Pokémon Black & White - Pokémon Musical: "Stardom!"
Various artists-Torch: A Six Degrees Collection-Harvest Moon
Beat Pharmacy-Steadfast-Long Beach
Anamanaguchi -Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game- Another Winter
Anamanaguchi -YouTube- Aurora (Meet Me in the Stars)
Khac Chi Ensemble-Moonlight in Vietnam-Full Moon Dance
South-Dukes of Dixieland-The Best of the Dukes Of Dixieland
Leonard Bernstein-Leonard Bernstein:A Portrait-"Rumble" (West Side Story)
Play List for April 07, 2012
This is the first play list for the spring quarter and the the blog.  The new titles ar denoted with a "***" marking.  I can't wait for next week.

***Bonobo-Black Sands Remixed-The Keeper (Banks Mix)

Games-That We Play-Planet Party
Ear PWR-Super Animal Bros. III-Super Animal Bros. Three

DJ Shadow-You Can't Go Home Again-You Can't Go Home Again LP
Various (Barrio Jazz Gang)- Funky Juice-Salsera
Groove Armada-Goodbye Country (hello nightclub)-Lazy Moon
Balkan Beat Box-Give-Urge to Be Violent

Ear PWR-Super Animal Bros. III-Goofy Award
Ear PWR-Super Animal Bros. III-Discover Your Colors
Ear PWR-Super Animal Bros. III-Ghost Ride the Buffalo
Dino Kid-Sound Cloud-Movement
Mystic Groove (Black Star Liner)-Mystic Groove-Harmon Session Special IX
***Dino Kid- Sound Cloud-Bit
Jesper Kyd-Assassin's Creed II-Florentine Tarantella

Agustin Barrios-YouTube-Taranatella
Khac Chi Ensemble-Moonlight int Vietnam-Spring is Coming
***Mike Le Disco-Sound Cloud-Love is in the Air
Jesper Kyd-Assassin's Creed Revelations-Party Hard (Metropolis)

Federico Aubele-Berlin 13-Berlin
Various Artist (Bendeniz)-Turkish Groove-Kirmizi Biber
***Kumaraci-Sound Cloud-Walczk Polka
Agustin Barrios-YouTube-Danza Paraguaya
***Mustafa Sandal-Turkish Groove-Kalmadi
Polkanauts-Sound Cloud-Birkie Polka
Dizzy Gillespie-Complete RCA Victor Recordings-Good Bait
Leonard Bernstein-Leonard Bernstein:A Portrait-Prologue (West Side Story)
Leonard Bernstein-Leonard Bernstein:A Portrait-"Somewhere" (West Side Story)
Leonard Bernstein-Leonard Bernstein:A Portrait-Scherzo (West Side Story)
Leonard Bernstein-Leonard Bernstein:A Portrait-Mambo (West Side Story)
Leonard Bernstein-Leonard Bernstein:A Portrait-Cha-Cha ("Maria") (West Side Story)
Leonard Bernstein-Leonard Bernstein:A Portrait-Meeting Scene (West Side Story)
Leonard Bernstein-Leonard Bernstein:A Portrait-"Cool" Fugue (West Side Story)

Thursday, April 5, 2012


This is the new blog for Dance Across the Ages.  Yes the show is streamlining to a digital format and yes it is a different pace.  I will post my playlists for my shows now on Saturdays at 2am-4am on KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine or on there live stream on   I also may add new stuff as time permits but I will primarily post weekly playlists.

DJ Diamond