Monday, April 22, 2013

Fund Drive

It is now the time to help your non-profit organizations receive funds.  KUCI is holding it Spring fund drive from today until May 3rd.  Help out free-form radio by making a small donation at (949) 326-8404 (operators are standing by) or at (UCI's e-giving site).  From there scroll down the area of support to "Gifts - Miscelleneous" and Designate it to "KUCI on the Air" on the scroll-down menu.

More info is found at this URL:

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

04/20/13 Show 3

***First Firesfeat Grey Reverend-Bonobo-The North Borders
Dream unto Fathoms-Bitcrush-of embers
fray the middle to meet the ends-Bitcrush-of embers
NHD-Logic Probe-Full Glitz

I Waited for You-Simian Mobile Disco-Unpatterns
The Fiery Angels of Orc-Kraftwelt-Electric Dimension
Freiburg V3.0 (Club Europe Mix)-Tocotronic vs Console-Keoki Clash
In The Morning (Alex Smoke Mix)-Junior Boys-In The Morning EP
***Hollow (16-bit remix)-Bjork-bastards
***Mutual Core (Matthew Herbert's "Teutonic Plates" Mix)-Bjork-bastards
Between intention-Evan Bartholomew-Borderlands
and surrender-Evan Bartholomew-Borderlands
Milt Shake-Doctor Jazz-Doctor Jazz's Universal Remedy

Saturday, April 13, 2013

04/13/13 Playlist Spring 2013 Show 2

Track-Artist-Album ***=new ^~^=compilation

***Let's Do This (Jerry Abstract Remix)-Full Glitz
WeMoveTogether-Infinitirock-Music For Primordial Recollection

***Parties-Shlohmo-Bad Vibes
Natalia's Song-Zomby-Dedication
Dulaman-Hyperborea-Ten Years Under the Earth
Cara-Hyperborea-Ten Years Under the Earth

Trip to Berlin-DJ Silver-Don't Panic 
Optometrix -DJ Spooky collab w/ J-Live-Dubtometry
Robot Baby Love 1-DJ Spectra-Robot Baby Love
Robot Baby Love 2-DJ Spectra-Robot Baby Love

Intro-Scott Hardkiss-Technicolor Dreamer
Come on, Come on-Scott Hardkiss-Technicolor Dreamer

You Used To feat. Javine-Richard X=Richard X Presents his X-Factor Vol 1
S Beach-Soul Ballet-Dream
Feel this Beat-Soul Ballet-Dream
 Finest Dreams feat. Kelis-Richard X-Richard X Presents his X-Factor Vol 1
 Where Is It Going?-Orbital-Wonky

Living Room-Paris Combo-Living Room
^~^I am With You (radio edit)--Lounge Story 2
^~^B.Erotica-Colorblind-Lounge Story 2

Saturday, April 6, 2013

04/06/13 April Showers

Title-Artist-Album (if unknown) ^~^=compilation; ***=new

Respect feat. Blak Tony by T. Kinder-Dave Clarke-I Love Techno '07
Over the Edge-The Go Find-Miami
Danca do Zumbi-Bonde Do Role-With Lazers
Dolta O Frango-Bonde Do Role-With Lazers
James Bonde-Bonde Do Role-With Lazers

Straight Sun-Orbital-Wonky

Good Luck feat Lisa Kekaula-Basment Jaxx-Kish Kash
Captain Korma-The Orb-Okie Dokie It's The Orb on Kompakt
Tron-Joker-The Vision


My Trance Girl-Joker-The Vision
***Here to Stay ft. Lady Chann-Odyssey Remix
***Here to Stay ft. Lady Chann-Mino Remix
[Both of the two preceding tracks are part of a remix contest that is hosted on part of the original artist Zomboy and  The information of the contest and a list of remixes in the contest is at this link:
(add "remixes" after the backslash for the list on entries]

Stringy Acid-Orbital-Wonky

Interlaken-Alpine Stars-B.A.S.I.C.
tint 5_Glittery disco blue - Isan - Beautronics
ShadowfishClutchly Hopkins-Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjimin Music is my Medicine

***Golden Hair-Andre Obin-The Arsonist
One Big Moment-Orbital-Wonky

Someday My Plane Will Crash-God Within-The Phoenix
Indian Summer-Scott Hardkiss-God Within:Crucial Introspection Parts 1 & 2
Belle-Alif Tree-French Cuisine
Peace Y'All (I Am In The House)-DJ Logic-Zen of Logic

Wednesday, April 3, 2013