Saturday, May 26, 2012

Playlist for 5/26/2012

Chasing unicorns and a phone call...that's an accomplishment to someone right?  Anyways I found artists that has been under my radar (one of the perks of listening to KUCI) and play music on the radio.  Thanks for the love guys and gals! 

***Slugabed-TimeBed-Unicorn Suplex
Juan Atkins-Legends Vol 1-Ciudad Feliz
Juan Atkins-Legends Vol 1-En-Core

Tiga-Dj Kicks sampler-Bang Bang Lover (original music by Charles Manier) Dance Mix
Beats Antique-Blind Threshold-Vardo
Tim Deluxe-The Little Ginger Club Kid-Intro
Tim Deluxe-The Little Ginger Club Kid-Heavy Weather featuring Terra Deva
Tim Deluxe-The Little Ginger Club Kid-Less Talk More Action! featuring The Bugsta
Tim Deluxe-The Little Ginger Club Kid-What A Life (Amsterdam) featuring Ben Onono and Terra Deva

Terra Deva-YouTube-Inside (Naked NYC Lovers Mix)

Morillo-YouTube-What Do You Want featuring Terra Deva

Terra Deva-YouTube-Fresh Start
***J.W.W and the Prospectors-It's High Past Time-Lone Star Beer
***Feufollet-En Couleurs-Au Fond Du Lac
***J.W.W and the Prospectors-It's High Past Time-Forgettin' 'Bout You
^~^Various Artists-Mademoiselle, voulez-vou danser?-Soiree Medley

Kalman Galogh & The Gypsy Cimbalom Band-Gypsy Colors
Kalman Galogh & The Gypsy Cimbalom Band-Calusul Dance
Juan Carlos Quintero-Los Primos-El ultimo Baile
Juan Carlos Quintero-Los Primos-Jazz en espanol
Sean Kean-Jig It in Style-The Tennessee Stud, The Arkansas Traveller and Miss Susan Cooper

What Do You Want-
Fresh Start-

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Playlist for May 19th 2012

It's that time of year for birthdays so I decided to play some belly dancing music (Arabic and Turkish) at the end of the show.  I started off  with some new releases and I may play them again next week so stay tuned.  I also played Soul Ballet's "S. Beach" from the album Dream Beat Dream as the music bed and I will use this song for music bed for the show. Anyway I used some YouTube clips for the belly dancing section.  Sorry its music only but some good eye candy for you all (I look at the eyes first before I check your body out whenever possible).

For a jolly good fellow!!!

*Slugabed-Time Team-Grandma Paints Nice

Soul Slinger-Soul Slinger Classics Part I-Zulu Transform
Cassius-Au Reve-Under Influence
^~^Club des Belugas-Cafe D'Afrique-Hip Hip Chin Chin
^~^Goldfish-Cafe D'Afrique-Dream
King Kooba-Nufoundfunk-Space Jam Parts 1 & 2
King Kooba-Nufoundfunk-Koobseq

J Boogie's Dubtronic Science-Undercover-Type of Girl feat. The Mamaz
EAR PWR-Youtube-Sophie

Beats Antique-Blind Threshold-Egyptic
^~^Toure Kunda-Salsa Around the World-Rapada
 Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii-Salsa Hawaii-Tu Sonrisa
 Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii-Salsa Hawaii-Que Bonito

Maraca-Tremenda Rumba-El Fuelle
^~^Sukru Tunar-Istanbul 1925-Huzzam taksim
Ehab Tawfik-YouTube-Asik'i Nar
Gamal Goma-YouTube-Sahra Saidi

^~^Udi Hrant-Istanbul 1925-Cifte Telli
^~^Deniz Kizi/Kaninu Artaki-Istanbul 1925-Daktilo
Diaa -YouTube- El Leilah 
Beats Antique-Blind Threshold-I Got...(By Mix N Blend & Narch__Beats Antique Remix)
Asik'i Nar-
Sahra Saidi-

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Downtempo-Uptempo Gradient Playlist for 05/12/12

Playlist for 05/12/12
This Week's playlist begins a little downtempo, but it begins to pick up at around Boys Noize.  A couple of recent tracks that piqued my interest during my music search are included as well and a link for places to download them are found at the end of the post. 

Beat Pharmacy-Steadfast-Moog Dub
Soul Ballet-dream Beat dream-She Rides
Soul Ballet-dream Beat dream-S. Beach

Boys Noize-I Love Techno 2008-Death By House
Lucky Date and Midnight Conspiricy-Veyron Remix EP-Veyron (Bassex Remix)
Booji-Sound Cloud-Voices (Marduk Remix)

Nickodemus-Sun People Remixed-Sun People (Earthrise Soundsystem remix)
Krakota-Soundcloud-Be Myself VIP 
DJ Smash (written by Soulive feat. Talib Kweli-Phonography 2-Bridge to Bama:Hi Tek Remix (Dub) 
^~^Selection-"Elaste Vol 2 Space Disco-Rebel on the Run (Remix)

Karelian Folk Music Ensemble-Shephard's Incantation-Swallow Waltz
^~^Micheal & David Doucet-A New Orleans Visit Before Katrina-J'ai Passe devant ta porte
Karelian Folk Music Ensemble-Shephard's Incantation-Milk Polka
^~^Sammy Rimington & Micheal Doucet-A New Orleans Visit Before Katrina-I'm Alone Because I love You
^~^The Treme Brass Band-A New Orleans Visit Before Katrina-I'll Fly Away

^~^Gal Costa-Festa Brasil-Chiclete con Banana
Carribean Jazz Project-Birds of a Feather-Birds of a Feather
^~^DiDa Banda Feminina-Festa Brasil-Filhos do Tempo
George Abdo-Belly Dance: THe Best of George Abdo and his Flames of Araby Orchestra-Ta Mayra Matia Sou (Your Black Eyes)

Black Bombay-Black Bombay-Rice Field Chant
Bedroom Scene-Bedroom Scene-Last Dance


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Playlist 2012 May 5 Cinco de Revolucion

EAR PWR-Discover Your Colors
EAR PWR-Super Animal Brothers III-Ghost Ride the Buffalo
^~^Groove Armada-Back to Mind-Description of a Fool (Groove Armada's Acoustic remix)

Groove Armada-Love Box-Purple Haze
^~^Kosta Gitane-Work It Vol 1-Blue Magic
Wideboys feat. Natalia - Addicted To The Bass (Tantrum Desire Remix) [Desco Extended Mix]
Soul Slinger-Soul Slinger Classics Part I-Ethiopia Intro with Flip Wilson
Soul Slinger-Soul Slinger Classics Part I-Ethiopia Remix featuring MC Olive and Bluey

^~^Mihai Popoviciu-Work It Vol 1-Boys on Synthetic
John La Barbera - On the Wild Side-Tiger of San Pedro
Wanye Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet-Bien Bien-Mojito Cafe
^~^Sergent Garcia-Mo' Vida-Hoy Me Voy

Wanye Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet-Bien Bien-Building Bridges
Raphael Geronimo-Rumba Calzada-Mambo 234
Raphael Geronimo-Rumba Calzada-Los Pollos
Lalo Guerrero-Vamos a Bailar-El Carnalito (Spanish)
^~^Pete Rodriguewz y su Conjunto-The Rough Guide to Boogaloo-Do the Boogaloo
Lalo Guerrero-Vamos a Bailar-Manzanita

Beat Pharmacy-Steadfast-Drifter