Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dance Across the Ages Fall Show 13 12/26/13

Happy holidays!!!

Track-Artist-Album ***=NEW ^~^=COMPILATION

***Red-Tail & Peregrine-Daedelus-Drown Out
^~^Church-Istvan Marta featuring Marta Sebestyen-Trance Planet Vol. 5
Annanas (g-corporation dub)-Tosca-Suzuki in Dub
Exterminating Angel-Cabaret Voltaire-Jet Set: W...the DJ mix
Modus Operandi-Symbiosis-Jet Set: W...the DJ mix

Tequila Sunset-Trail Mix-Jet Set: W...the DJ mix
Celestial Funk-Space DJs-Jet Set: W...the DJ mix
Ocean-Grain-Jet Set: W...the DJ mix

***Feeling is Gone-Active Child-Rapor EP
***Games-Claire-Broken Promise Land

***Digital Haircut-Lord Echo-Curiosities
^~^Samurai-UMA-KI Music025-2
^~^Lisboa A Norte-Teresa-Jet Society

^~^Just another Guajira-Cuban Roots-Viva Cubop 3
^~^This Joint is Jumpin'-The Chazz Cats-The Hiball Lounge Sessions Vol. 1
^~^Jumptown-Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums-The Hiball Lounge Sessions Vol. 1
^~^G-Flat Blues-Pete Johnson-Boogie Woogie Kings
^~^The Acme Swing Company-The Acme Swing Company-The Hiball Lounge Sessions Vol. 1
^~^Dancin` In an Easy Groove-Lonnie Smith-The Lost Grooves

Thin Red Line-The Valentine Six-The Valentine Six
^~^Swingin' Low-The Outlaws-Its Hard to Believe: The Amazing World of Joe Meek
^~^Lost Planet-The Thunderbolts-Its Hard to Believe: The Amazing World of Joe Meek
Make Music, but not Trash-Messer Chup-Crazy Price

Times Square-Ku-Ling Bros.-Creach
Octagone Head-Ku-Ling Bros.-Creach

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dance Across the Ages Fall show 12 12/19/13

Again thanks to Fernando Castro and Melanie for covering for me the past two weeks!


***Late Night Fading-Deco-Timescales
***Mapper-Infinity Shred-Sanctuary
***Nakamarra feat. Q-Tip (Clean)-Hiatus Kaiyote-Nakamarra EP

 The 808 Track-Bassnectar-Wildstyle
^~^***Body Touch-Machinedrum-Zen: A Ninja Tune/ Big Dada Sampler 2013
Star Guitar-Shinichi Osawa-The One
***F.A.M.E.-Kraak & Smaak-Chrome Waves
***Just Wanna Be Loved feat. Joi Cardwell-Kraak & Smaak-Chrome Waves
Miasma Sky-Baths-Obsidian
Helix Stair Helve-Richard Devine-Cautella
Jump Jet-Alpine Stars-B.A.S.I.C.
Strawberry Lane-Alexkid-Bienvenida
Chase Through Track 1-Battery Operated-Chases through Non-space
People Eating Fruit-Caribou-Start Breaking my Heart/Up in Flames (two in one CD)
^~^Swing Bop (Acid Pauli's Kosmik Remix)-Der Dritte Raum-Future Sounds of Jazz Vol 12 Disc 1
^~^Village Lee [alternate take]-John Patton-The Lost Grooves
^~^Traveler's Delight-Plastyc Buddha-Rendevous Lounge
^~^Boogie Woogie Prayer-Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis-Boogie Woogie Kings