Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Summer Show 10/1/14

Well, its been a pleasure to spin tracks for this summer.  The show will take a hiatus but I will still pop up every now and again on KUCI IRVINE.

'Til Then,

DJ Diamond

Strawberry Skies-Games-That We Can Play
***Hold Still-Slow Magic-How to Run Away
***Stay Together-Redinho-Numbers
***Youth Group-Slow Magic-How to Run Away

***Never Say Never-Basement Jaxx-Junto
I'll Be By Your Side (Extended Mix)-Sally Shapiro-Disco Romance
***Vanilla Cola-Niagara-Don't Take it Personally
Full Mix-Joel-Won't Take No EP

Marques Wyatt Remix-Joel-Won't Take No EP
No Soul-Ils-Soul Trader
Cyborg-Who Made Who-The Plot
Spice-Eon-Void Dweller
Hangin Out-Naytronix-Dirty Glow
***Rush (feat. Tobias Buch)-Kasper Bjørke-After Forever

Kalimba Groove-DJ Cam-Liquid Hip Hop
***Do Me-FaltyDL-In the Wild
***Ease Up- Jim-E Stack -Tell Me I Belong

***To See You Again-Electric Wire Hustle-Love Can Prevail
***Following The Sun-Second Sky-Touching The Surface

Violin Madness-Da Damn Phreak Noize-Electric Crate Digger
Gin & Tonic Rock Stead Ram Mix (remix & Additional Production By Dr. Olive)-DAAU (Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung)-Gin & Tonic
Drivin' -Tassel & Naturel (feat DJ Cam)-

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Summer Show Playlist 9/25/14

***Night Mode - Classy Mongrel - Love and Resistance
***Stereo Breath - Mr. Scruff with Denis Jones - Friendly Bacteria
Myth - Calamalka - All the Way Up
***Airglow Fires - Lone - Reality Testing
***Kusanagi - Odesza -In Return
***Let's Spiral-Rustie - Green Language
The Young (Evil) Woman and the Ocean - Sandra Kolstad - Nothing Lasts Forever
High Energy Protons - Juno Reactor - Transmissions
The Heavens - Juno Reactor - Transmissions
Kilometer - Sebastien Tellier -Sexuality
Reassuring - Jim-E Stack - Tell Me I Belong
And I Was a Boy From School- Hot Chip - The Warning
Give Me Every Little Thing - The Juan Maclean - Less Than Human
Rolling Thunder - House of Black Lanterns - Kill The Lights
Hold It Down - Greyboy - Mastered The Art
Orpheus Rising - Alex Gordon - Small Craft Warnings
***Light Goes a Long Way - Electric Wire Hustle - Love Can Prevail
No Words- Gabriel Johnson - Fra_ctured
Chop that Wood - Milez Benjiman - Feel Glorious
Beautiful Thing - Induce - Halfway Between Me and You
Hospital no. 32 - Lateduster - Easy Pieces
My Sweet, Goodbye - Induce - Halfway Between Me and You

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Summer Quarter 09/17/14

Hey all this playlist is full of  new releases and most can be found on SoundCloud.  Starting from 'All Right All Night', they can all be found together under a set entitled 'Show Set 5' by DiamondDust (my SoundCloud account).

DJ Diamond

Track-Artist-Album (if available)

Forgiveness Step 1-Martyn-The Air Between Words
Aqui, Port Lligat-FaltyDL-In The Wild
Glassbeadgames (with Four Tet)-Martyn-The Air Between Words

All Night All Right (MLD All Night Edit)-Dahweed
Dream Big (Head in the Clouds)-Boy Without Batteries
Lonely Rolling Star [Katamari Damacy](Grimecraft Remix)-GameChops
Last Chance (Auxcide Remix) ft. Ryn-Kaskade ft Project 46

Our Names in Lights-Two Friends Ft. Breach the Summit
Breach-The Key ft Kelis

Bills (Original Mix)-GAWTBASS& LUZCID
Mefesays-Stefan Dabruck
Sugar Free (BigRoom Ver.)- T-ara
Freakin hype (Sean&Bobo Mashup)-Sean  & Bobo
Maybe ft (@Jxddzky_x@he_s0rvndom) Remix-Teyana Taylor
I Can't Stop Drinking About You (The Chainsmokers Remix)-Bebe Rexha

Take Your Time-Artifakts
My Head is a Jungle (My Head is a Dub Mix)-Wankelmut and Emma Louise
My Heart-Smith & Westin

Oh Yeah-Jameston Thieves & Dirty Doses

The One(Ft FLOWDAN) Clean Version-The Bug-Angels and Devils

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer Quarter Show 09/10/14

Track-Artist-Album ***=New ^~^=Compilation

***January (Cosmic Kids Remix)-Silva-January EP
***^~^Never Defeated featuring Rachel Claudio-Fhloston Paradigm-Hyperdub 10.2
Heidi Bruehl Plantlife's Love Philosophy Mix-Tosca-Souvenirs
^~^Abyss (Moore-Morillo Dub)-Kobb & Fabb X-Subliminal Sessions Four
^~^Go Deeper-Lab Rats-Subliminal Sessions Four

A Girl I Know-Sabrepulse-YouTube
The Meaning of Love-Chrome Sparks-Goddess EP
Break U Off-Chrissy Murderbot-Women's Studies

Inca Steppe-Juno Reactor-Gods and Monsters
Tokyo Dub-Juno Reactor-Gods and Monsters
Final Frontier-Juno Reactor-The Golden Sun of the East

^~^Aliens Don't Boogie-Thor-Richie Hawtin:Decks, EFX & 909
***Burn the Rubble-Classy Mongrel-Love & Resistance
Family in Everybody-Altai Lelio-Secrets of Bohemia
Untitled 12- Falty DL-In the Wild
Closer to the Sun feat The Reminders, Sloppy Joe, Timeline-AMP Live-Headphone Concerto

Access/Song of Sand I-Nils Petter Molvaer-Khmer

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Summer Quarter 9/4/14

*** Xingfu Lu-Kode9-Hyperdub 10.1
The Beach Party-Hot Chip- Coming on Strong

Add this Song-GusGus-24/7
Another Place-Carl Cox-Phuture 2000

My Hardboiled Egg Heart-Coppe'-Peppermint
Jan+Jeff+Jungle Curry-Coppe'-Peppermint

Break til Broken-Thavius Beck-The Most Beautiful Ugly
Like a Moving Truck-Red Snapper-Making Bones
Party Machine-Farad Bruce Haack-The Electric Voice
Electric To Me Turn-Farad Bruce Haack-The Electric Voice
***Dragracing-ILED 3 LIVES-Nublu Sound
***Portal 1-Fhloston Paradigm-The Phoenix
Spiraling Against Anything-Savvas Ysatis-Tower of Winds
***Portal 4-Fhloston Paradigm-The Phoenix
Mars-Marek Hemmann-Bittersweet
***Portal 3-Fhloston Paradigm-The Phoenix
Never Mess With Sunday-Yppah- Eighty-One

White Russian-N.Phect+Dizplay-Beautiful Bytes
Runciter's Coin-My Kill Jack's On-Milk Beast's Lullaby
Le Le Lengwe-Hawke-Heatstroke

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Playlist 08/27/14

Code Blue-DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid featuring Daniel Bernard Roumain-Juncture
***Too Far-Classy Mongrel-Love & Resistance
***Invader-Near Dark-Dance with the Dead
Macumba (feat Mixhell)-Buraka Som Sistema

LUVUGUYZ-Spark-Super Robot Battle Deluxe
***Nine-FaltyDL-In the Wild
Subconscious (Pure Mix)-Sote-Electric Deaf

***For Such a Time (kuba Remix)-Banco De Gaia-Rewritten Histories 2002-2013
***Feeling the Freedom-(Feat. Kyoka)-CI-Diamond Version
Psionic Training-Neutronic-The Mutation Engine
April Seven-Praful-Pyramid in Your Backyard
Seven Stars-Marbert Rocel-Speed Emotions

***January (Teen Daze Remix)-Silva-January
***Are We Dancing Featuring Ill-Esha-AMP Live-Headphone Concerto
Tamarindio-Ocote Soul Sounds + Adrian Quesada-El Nino y El Sol
Considerando-Shantel-Quango World Groove
The Entity-DJ 3D-The Law of the Land

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dance Across the Ages Playlist for August 20th 2014

***Aggy-Walton-Hyperdub 10.1
***Get Em Up-DJ Taye-Hyperdub 10.1
***BadBoi-Pegboard Nerds-Free Download at:
***Dreaming of Me-gameboymusicclub-Enjoy the Science: Tribute to Depeche Mode
HyperParadise (Flume Mixtape x GANZ Flip x Daara P Re-Edit) Daara P-Free Download at:
Into The Night-Antonionian-Antonionian
Le Mobilier (Radio Edit)-Rinocerose-Le Mobilier
Le Mobilier(Truxton Remix)-Rinocerose-Le Mobilier
Life-Animus Amour-Don't Run Unless God Says
Welcome to Heaven-Realistic-Perpetual Memory Loss
Evil Knevil-Human-Depth Charge presents Electro Boogie
MIDI Tune Up-Layo & Bushwacko-Low Life
Stepps-Taylor McFerrin
Cotton Wool (Fila Brazilla Mix)-Lamb-The Rebirth of Cool Four
Things Ain't what They Used to Be Featuring John Santos & Orlando Torriente-Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet-Latin Jazz
La Picona-Beto Villa-Father of Orquesta Tejana Vol. 1
Angelina-Beto Villa-Father of Orquesta Tejana Vol. 1
High Side of Lowdown-James Cohen-High Side of Lowdown
Machete-Afro Novalima-Afro Novalima
Candela-Afro Novalima-Afro Novalima
Bionic Boogaloo-Bionico-Bio Ritmo
Grizmatik-Digital Liberation is Mad Freedom

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 13th Summer Playlist 8/13/14

Impromptu-Kodomo-Patterns & Light
Just Vybe, Soule Poower mix, feat Fatima-DVA-Hyperdub 10.2
Hard-Bobo Sinclair-Soundz of Freedom: My Ultimate Summer of Love Mix
Exotic Talk-RJD2Since We Last Spoke

Shattered (Beat Pharmacy Dub)-Ted Patterson-SoundCloud
Nature's Dub feat. Jeannie Hopper-Beat Pharmacy-Steadfast
New Haven-FaltyDL-In the Wild

The Fix-Project Shadow feat. Racy-SoundCloud
Wonderland-DJ Noriken- From_Ten_Wonderland
On the Beat (web edit)-kors feat.Yukacco-SoundCloud Download link:
Flash Back-Bassnectar-Noise Versus Beauty

Piece- X-Dream -More Signs of Life
Ride.-Morel-Queen of the Highway
Dreaming of L.A.-Morel-Queen of the Highway
Every Summer Night-Sonny Moon-Sonny Moon
Avarice-Throwing Snow-Mosaic
My Society-De Phazz-Days of Twang

Balcon Sin Flores-Savath &Savala-Apropa't
Tweezed-I Want My Mommy-Colic
Keep Hope Alive-The Crystal Method-Keep Hope Alive
Year of Silence-Crystal Castles-Crystals Castles
Apples & Oranges-Solvent-Elevators and Oscillators
You Belong-Hercules and Love Affair-You Belong
My Sweet, Goodbye-Induce-Halfway Between Me and You
New +Improved-The Herbaliser-New + Improved

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 7th Show 8/7/14

***Come Find Me-Mr. Scruff-Friendly Bacteria
***Don't Hate the 808 feat. Lafa Taylor-Bassnectar-NVSB
False Flag Dub-Thievery Corporation-Culture of Fear
***Gnar-Bassnectar and The Upbeats-NVSB
***King (Home Dub)-Live Island-Acoustic Division Sampler

City Sleepwalker-Junior Varsity KM-Teledesic Disco 2
***Feel it Coming on-Soft Vision-Acoustic Division Sampler
A Playground Called Life Part 1-Baretta-Velvet Brick
Size-Alpine Stars-B.A.S.I.C
A Playground Called Life Part 2-Baretta-Velvet Brick

***Fashion Skater-Martyn-The Air Between Words
Triple Fat Goose-Matt Shadetek-The Empire Never Ended
El Coco Baile-Senor Coconut-El Gran Baile
Uncaged-Leb Laze-Music for Troubled Machinery
In the Morning-Junior Boys-So This is Goodbye

Batman Theme-Link Wrey-Rumble!:The Best of Link Wray
Thin Red Line-Valentine Six-The Valentine Six
Jack The Ripper (Live Version)-Link Wrey-Rumble!:The Best of Link Wray
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken-The Tiki Tones-Mondo Drive-in

Broken Nose-Rachelle Garniez & The Fortunate Few-Serenade City
Rockhouse-The Ernie Freeman Combo-Organs in Orbit
Laser Blast-Adventure-Weird Work
Electric Ewok Village-Mochipet-Disko Donkey

***Run-Jim-E Stack-Tell Me I Belong

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Show 7 7/23/14

***So Butterfly (2014 Version)-Bassnectar-NVSB
***Impatient-Anushka-Broken Circuit
Mind, Body and Soul-Mark Rae-Into the Depths
Eclectic Storm-Dark Leaf-No Categories 4
The Crunch-Mayhem-Torpedo Torpedo

Concrete Jungle-Silkie-City Limits Volume 1
Disco Quatro (Original Version)-Quentin Quatro-Disco Quatro EP
Disco Quatro (Psychedelic Remix)-Quentin Quatro-Disco Quatro EP
***Sheen-Xeno & Oaklander-Par Avion

Amidha-Samadha Trio-Immediate Action
Stone River-Anenon-Inner Hue
Murmurs-Anenon-Inner Hue
Nhu Golden Era-Bobby Hughes Combination-Nhu Golden Era

Clive the Runner-Bobby Hughes Combination-Nhu Golden Era
Moogjuus-Bobby Hughes Combination-Nhu Golden Era
Intro-Ian Allen-Nova's Lounge
Soho Movement-Ian Allen-Nova's Lounge
360-Ian Allen-Nova's Lounge

Penetrate-Stubborn Heart-Stubborn Heart
Saltare (Parts 1 & 2)-Throwing Snow-Mosaic
***Behind the Wheel-Inverse Phase-Enjoy the Science: Tribute to Depeche Mode
Trail of Dawn-Slow Train Soul-Illegal Cargo

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Show 5 07/16/14

Intro-Basement Jaxx-Crazy Itch Radio
Hush Boy-Basement Jaxx-Crazy Itch Radio
Zoomalude-Basement Jaxx-Crazy Itch Radio
***Last Minute- Paul Basic-Transient Horizons

***Crystal Handgun-Conrad Clifton-Picture in Picture
***La De Dee (He's Hopeless)-Conrad Clifton-Picture in Picture
***Mandaley-Tomas Barfod-Love Me

***Oh-Plaid-Reachy Prints
***The Phoenix-Fhloston Paradigm-The Phoenix

Matthew Dear-Idol Tryouts: Ghostly International Vol. 1
The Void Feat. Jassy Grez-Throwing Snow-Mosaic
Maera feat Adda Kaleh-Throwing Snow-Mosaic

Danny Breaks-Droppin Science Volumes
Why I'm Easy-Mindelixir-Why I'm Easy
Bound too Long (Hypermix)-The Crystal Method-Community Service II
Bizarre Love Triangle (The Crystal Method's CSII Mix)-New Order- Community Service II

A Blur-Sindri-Under an Attack Waiting to Happen
Marching Warfare-Sindri-Under an Attack Waiting to Happen
Brothel Trainbox-Sindri-Under an Attack Waiting to Happen

Suzuki-Tosca-L'Incoronata Milano Lounge
La Maison-Gabin-L'Incoronata Milano Lounge

Where I Belong (Red Astaire Remix)-Sia-American Rag Cie
Searching- Shur-I-Kan -Waypoints

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Show 4 July 9th, 2014

***Bog Dance-Marke-Product of Industry
***Restless City-Lone-Reality Testing
***Enjoy the Silence-Herbert Weixelbaum-Tribute to Depeche Mode Enjoy the Science

Beg-House of Black Lanterns-Kill the Lights
***Stereo Breath-Mr. Scruff-Friendly Bacteria
Hangin Out-Naytronix-Dirty Glow
In the Summer-Naytronix-Dirty Glow
Baby Don't Walk Away-Naytronix-Dirty Glow
Atomic Playboy-Aalacho-Electro

Self-Importance-Heterotic-Weird Drift
Shadows in Bloom-Games-That We Can Play
Station (Meet me at the)-Thr!!!er-!!! (Chk Chk Chk)
Soft Summer-John Beltram-Lush Life Electronica

Standing Before Time-Graham Haynes-Full Circle
Love Him-Okapi-Love him : Okapi Plays the Music of Aldo Kapi

Intro-Slime Girls-Vacation Wasteland (
***Treasure Map-Ocean Roulette-Treasure Map single (
***Sweet Leaf - X-Ray Fiends-Herpes/Sweet Leaf/ Prozac (
***Always Forget-SHVS-My, My (Upcoming LP) (

***Anyone Who Knows Her- Pat Daugherty-Dance of the Hours
***Bounce to This- Pat Daugherty-Dance of the Hours
***Space Echo- Pat Daugherty-Dance of the Hours
***Piano Furioso- Pat Daugherty-Dance of the Hours
***Linger- Pat Daugherty-Dance of the Hours

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer 2014 Show 3 07/02/14

***Deliverance-Mr. Scruff-Friendly Bacteria
Duck-Interfearence-Take That Train
F-Train-Spuarepusher-Do You Know Squarepusher?
Who Stole the Show-Brassy-Got it Made
Play Some D-Brassy-Got it Made

Art School Girls-Ninjasonik-Art School Girls
Cosmic Rocker (...this one remix)-Ruts-Babylon's Burning Reconstructed Dub Drenched Soundscapes
June Louder-Thumbstack Smoothie-Homestyle
The Game is not Over featuring Miss Kitten-T.Raumschmiere-Radio Blackout
Drown in the Sea While Watching the Stars-T.Raumschmiere-Radio Blackout
Noondoggy-Thumbstack Smoothie-Homestyle

Exterminator (Massive Attack remix)-Primal Scream-Rarewerks
Inside and Out(Pearson and Usher Elektronischer Dub)-Feist-Ewan Pearson
Meikou-Uusi Fanrtasia-Life is Jazz
Mommy Cmoplex-Peaches-I Feel Cream (Clean Edit)
Tammi-Rinne Radio-Life is Jazz

Hogg Heaven-Davie Allan-Loud Loose and Savage
Harry Sledge-The Charles Napiers-This is...Mondo Way
Rumble-The Charles Napiers-This is...Mondo Way
Invasion of the Body Surfers-Davie Allan-Loud Loose and Savage

Very Subtle Elevators-Man or Astroman?-A Spectrum of Infinite Scale
Friends from the 80's-Disjunction Reunion-Couchblip!
Don't Move-Cottonbelly-Amount of Niceness

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer 2014 Show 2 6/25/14

***Don't Ask- Sabota-Sabota
***Holiday Heart-Ki Theory-Kitty Hawk Deluxe Editino
***Lost featuring Pell-Tomas Barfod-Love me
***Destiny's Child-Tomas Barfod-Love me
***Busy Baby featuring Nina K-Tomas Barfod-Love me
***Saltare (Parts 1 & 2)-Throwing Snow-Mosaic
***Hypnotize featuring Kid A-Throwing Snow-Mosaic
***Family in Everybody-Secrets of Bohemia-Altai Lelio
Limbic-Lobe-Water Communication
Spaced in-Colin Newman-Water Communication
***Trust in You-Tourist-Patterns EP
***Photographic (Megamix)-8-Bit Operators-Tribute to Depeche Mode Enjoy the Science
***Lost in the Chrome Forest-Chrome Sparks-Goddess EP
***Glassbeadgames with Four Tet-Martyn-The Air Between Words
***Set Me Free (Piano Dub)-Nightmares of Wax-N.O.W. is the Time
***Arsha Noah-Nightmares of Wax-N.O.W. is the Time
Pinch Beck-Kona Trinagle-Sing A New Sapling into Existence
Bruzin (VIP)-Terror Danjah-DJ Kicks: Kode 9
Run (feat. Flo Dan)-The Bug-DJ Kicks: Kode 9
Hangover (Bababa)-Buraka Som Sistema-Komba
Solta o Frango-Bonde Do Role
Rap Do CB-Bonde Do Role

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Show Day and Time: The First Summer 2014 Show 6/18/14

The show is now on Wednesdays at the same time 6AM-8AM, Thanks for tuning into KUCI IRVINE online at or on the radio at 88.9FM!


***Aurora-Ben Frost-Aurora
Bamboo Houses-Davud Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto (Michael Reinboth Set)-I Like It Vol. 1

We Love Dancing-All-In-Arling &Cameron

Nature's Disco Feat. Jeannie Hopper-Beat Pharmacy-Steadfast
***Access to Excellence-Diamond Version-CI
***Turn on Tomorrow (CI)-Diamond Version-CI
Shogun-Pegasus-Legally Stoned: High on Drum and Bass[Mixed]
Shogun-Pegasus-Legally Stoned: High on Drum and Bass[Unmixed]

***Made to Love You-Steffaloo-Heart Beats

***Hawkmoth-Plaid-Reachy Point
***The Wheel-Sohn-Tremors


***2 is 8-Lone-Reality Testing
***Airglow Fires-Lone-Reality Testing
Enola Gay (Remix - YisraeLee (OMD)...more at

***Sleeping Giant-The Bombay Royale-Phone Baje Na
Dolce Amoroso Foco-Franciscus Bossinenisis-YouTube
Into The Light-Arkestra One-Arkestra One
***Dreamatone-Golden Changes-Panther God

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dance Across the Ages 06/05/14 Playlist

You've Been Spiked-Chris Joss-You've Been Spiked
Black Powder-Motor-Black Powder/Punkture
Space Monkey-Genji Siraisi-CensorSh!t
Jefferson Shuffle-Pest-Necessary Measures

***Ezra's Interlude featuring Ezra Koenig-Chromeo-White Woman
***Old 45's-Chromeo-White Woman
***The Meaning of Life-Chrome Sparks-Goddess EP
***Eyes for You-Steffaloo-Heart Beats

***triangle-Bad Bad Not Good-III
Disc for Jay-Genji Siraisi-CensorSh!t
Wipe that Sound-Mouse on Mars-Mouse on Mars Live 04
Black Moss Caves Pt. 1-Secret Frequency Crew-Forest of the Echo Downs
Fantastic Voyage-Takako Minekawa-Fun 9
Tiger-Takako Minekawa-Fun 9

***Do It-Sorceress-Dose
Honey (Amsterdam is not L.A.)- Solex-Low Kick and Hard Bop
No Longer Hurt-Sietta-The Seventh Passenger
The Fire of Love by Noel W. Sanger-Thomas Michael-Soundscapes--Live From Melbourne
Climbing Walls (Van She Tech Remix)-Strange Talk-Falling in Love EP
The End Piece-Sub Liquid-Beneath your Reflection

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dance Across the Ages 5/29/14 Playlist

Kitty Wu-Jaga Jazzist-The Stix
Ipanemic-Boomish-The Play at Home Version
***Next Time (Grenier remix)-Sabota-Sabota

Love Theme From the Bartholomew Silverstein Show-Boomish-Boomish
Japanese Animation-Japanese Telecom-Japanese Telecom
Asian Amazons-Japanese Telecom-Japanese Telecom

Elevator to Tomorrow-Naytronix-Dirty Glow
Dawn Bike Manoeuvres-Naw-Green Nights Orange Days
Deadbeat Summer-Neon Indian-Psychic Charms

Better at Making Time-De Lux-Voyage
***Thievery Corporation-Saudade
***Flaws-Fujiya & Miyagi-Artificial Sweeteners
It-Kode 9-DJ-Kicks: Kode 9
***Softer-patten-Estoile Naiant

***Oranges[ft. Deflon]-Panther God-Golden Changes
ChocolateEar-Infinitirock-Music for Primordial Recollection (Asthmatic Kitty)
***Maybe We'll Make a Plan-The Wet Scenes-Free Candy

***#THEPROTESTER-Heroes and Misfits-Kris Bowers
***Her Eyes-If You Knew Her-Zara McFarlane

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dance Across the Ages Show 7 5/15/14

Track-Artist Album ***=new

***Dreamatone-Panther God-Golden Changes
***Trust in You-Tourist-Tourist
First Saturn Return-Shigeto-No Better Time Than Now

Strawberry Skies-Games-That We Play
Planet Party-Games-That We Play
***Better at Making Time-De Lux-Voyage

Teabag Party-King Khan and BBQ Show-Teabag Party EP (request by Derek from Irvine)

Pompeii (Felix da Housecat mix)--Aalancho-Aalancho/electro
Animal Party-King Khan and BBQ Show-Invisible Girl
Falling in Love-Strange Talk-Cast Away
Source of Every Sound-Bo Square-Sizing Things Up

Happy Cycling-Boards of Canada-Music has the Right To Children
Take that Train-Interfearaence-Take That Train
***Firelight featuring Lou Lou Ghelichkhani-Thievery Corporation-Saudade: The Quiet Sound of Thievery Corporation

***Vorp-Pete Robbins-Pyramid
***Wichita Lineman-Pete Robbins-Pyramid

Reincarnation-pablo-Future Lounge 03
Elevator-jaffa-Future Lounge 03
Late Lounge Lover-Hacienda-Future Lounge 03

Papadam-yonderboi-Future Lounge 03

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Week 6 Show 5/8/14

Vertical Mile-Ambulaunz-Vertical Mile
A Wanna Run (Fink VIP Remix)-Ki Theory-Kitty Hawk Deluxe Edition
Stopping to Smell an Analog Rose-Ambulaunz-Vertical Mile

Geminade-John Arnold-Style and Pattern
Love Games (Album Version)-Program 2-The Feeling
The Feeling (Original Mix)-Program 2-The Feeling
Make me Better-Preshish Moments-Let's Be Friends (Clean)
Helmut Theme-Recone Helmut-PH10 in Helmut Vision

Rockstar Sequence-Ernest Gonzales-White on Saturn's Rings
Breslau-Igor Boxx-Breslau
Alarm-Igor Boxx-Breslau
Untitled-Ars Antiqua (Original by Soulslinger)-Ars Antiqua Remixed
Dance 3-Kid Spatula-Spatula Freak
Delicate Dream-Shana Halligan-Shana Halligan

Connection 17 (Matrix Mix)-Lisa Hall-iknowicandoit
Asian Vibes-Joi-One and One is One
Hittin Skittles-Hot Chip-Coming on Strong
Intro-Rodney Hunter-Hunter Files

Electric Lady-Rodney Hunter-Hunter Files
***Daggers-Fujiya & Miyagi-Artificial Sweeteners
Traveler's Delight-plastyc buddha-Rendezvous Lounge

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring 2014 Fund Drive Show 5/1/14

Please donate to this year's KUCI Spring Fund Drive

Call 949 824-5824 or go on to

Operators are standing by!!!

It will help out the station a lot!

Phoebe Cates-Lee Bannon-Alternate/Endings
Isis Featuring haleek maul and bogo-Supreme Cuts-Divine Ecstacy
This Time-Milosh-Jet Lag

Made of Light-Bavaria We'll Take a Dive
alrahal-Debruit & Alsarah-Alijawal
Miracles radio edit-Cross My Heart Hope To Die-Self Titled
Waves (original mix)-Kid Droid-Project Onyx

Silence of the Double Faces-Sell System-Red Room (Breakdown)
Save Me-Sell System-Red Room (Breakdown)
Outside the Arcade-Mantler-Landau

Trap Mix-WeChill (Playlist and Download at: <>)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dance Across the Ages Show 3 4/17/14

Rain Angel - Atjazz - Lab Results
***Chinatown Style - HTRK - Psychic 9-5 Club
Dub Gussett - Leftfield - Rhythm and Stealth
Swords - Leftfield - Rhythm and Stealth

b/8 War - Leftfield - Rhythm and Stealth
***Flash Mob of One - Bavaria - We'll Take a Dive
***Nachet -Tog -Feiring
Haywire - Speedy J - Public Enemy No 1
^~^ 21st Century - Scan 7 - Magic Tracks Compiled by Juan Atkins: Magic tracks Deep Detroit Volume two
***Mind of a Beast - The Glitch Mob - Love Death Immortality

Hands of Hate & Love - Magnetic - Fastlife
Layover 4 - Mark Farina - Air Farina
Travel featuring People Under the Stairs - Mark Farina - Air Farina
Layover 5 - Mark Farina - Air Farina
Radio (Lost Baggage Mix) - Mark Farina - Air Farina

Soft Hallucination - Slowdeck - Multiple Offenses
Butterfly - Slowdeck - Multiple Offenses
Hold On (Strange Mix) - Smith & Mighty - Bass is Maternal
Ragtime Suit - The Knights - In Progression
Fire Z - Wild Sammy & the Royal Tones - Speed Crazy
Defender - Maraca Five-O - Headin' South at 110 Percent
***Rescue, Mister - Trust - Joyland
***Slightly Floating - Trust - Joyland
***Are We Are? - Trust - Joyland
***Teacher - Sabota - Sabota

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dance Across the Ages Spring 2014 Show 2 04/10/14

Track - Artist - Album

Energy Wizard - Squarepusher - Ufabulum
El Ninjo - Strange Cargo- Hinterland
Remind Me One Day - Robokoneko - Anembo: Music for a Quiet Place

Anthracite T Vari-Richard Devine-Lily of the Valley
Yamuna - Phonicia - Lily of the Valley
Saigon - Delarosa S Asdra - Lily of the Valley
Rotea - Takeshi Muto - Lily of the Valley

My Quadrant - SubtractiveLAD - Giving Up the Ghost

Not Getting any Better (Album Version) - Innerpartysystem - Not Getting any Better: The Remixes
Poland - I Led 3 Lives - Peace Now
Sideways - I Led 3 Lives - Peace Now
Making it Pay - Dabrye - Idol Tryouts
At the Bottle - Charles Manier - Idol Tryouts
Laundry - Midwest Project - Idol Tryouts

Give me Love (House Mix) - Bob Sinclair - Bob Sinclair Presents Cerrone
Supernature (Nu-Soul edit) - Bob Sinclair - Bob Sinclair Presents Cerrone

Feel Thru Life (Featuring Paige Scott) - Subatomic Sound System - On All Frequencies
Song of the Storm - Emilie Simon -The Flower Book
I wanna be your dog - Emilie Simon -The Flower Book
Dame de Lotus - Emilie Simon -The Flower Book

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Show 1 04/3/14

It looks like I am keeping my time slot on Thursday mornings at 6AM PDT!  Thanks for listening in!

The Day I Lost the Beat-Kinky-Barracuda
^~^Living It Like a Lion-Caseno-Sweat It Out! Records Sampler
A Brighter Day DJ Spinna Remix - DJ Smash Presents Phonography

Waiting for You... -King Midas Sound-Waiting for You...
At the Dance-Hint-Driven from Distraction
Clear with Items-Himuro-Clear without Items
Epic Suitcase-EAR PWR-Super Animal Brothers III
Secret Stars-EAR PWR-Super Animal Brothers III

Track 909-Mephisto Odyssey-Deep Red Connection
Crash [featuring Static-X]-Mephisto Odyssey-Deep Red Connection

Spy-fi - DJ Silver-Don't Panic
^~^Space Cadet-Matt Shadetek-Solar Life Raft
^~^Strength in Numbers-Timeblind-Solar Life Lift
***Kill the Time [featuring Fiora]-Tensnake-Glow
***Vanilla Skyscraper- Conrad Clifton-Picture in Picture

***Readly/Available-Lee Bannon-Alternate/Endings
^~^Revo-Aardvarck-DJ Kicks: Kode 9
The Headphonist-Kinky-Atlas
^~^Phat Si-Cooly G-DJ Kicks: Kode 9
***Cooking Shows-Sabota-Sabota
She Rides-Soul Ballet-dreamBeatdream
^~^B. Erotica-Colorblind-Lounge Story 2

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dance Across the Ages March 27th, 2014 Playlist

I played a lot of new releases this week, I hope you enjoyed!

***Tensnake-First Song-Glow
***Paul Basic-Source Light-Transient Horizons
***Prophet (Culprate remix)-Pretty Lights-A Color Map of the Sun
***Nite Haus- You Will Dance Again-Transform the Doark
***Glitch Mob- Carry the Sun-Love Death Immortality
***Panther God-Pixel Lord-Golden Changes
***Conrad Clifton-Polaroid Pixels-Picture in Picture
***Bavaria-Morning Blue-We'll Take A Dive
Spacek-It's Not Gonna Happen-Vintage Hi-Tech
Techno Animal-Hypertension-Brotherhood of the Bomb
Xela-Afraid of Monsters-For Frosty Mornings and Summer NIghts
***Katisse-The Spider of the Matrix-A World to the Wise
***Zoot Sims-You Don't Know What Love Is
***The California Honeydrops-Carolina Peach-Like You Mean It
***Bill Tapia-Misty-Tropical Swing

Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 20th Playlist

Dusted - Leftfield - Rhythm and Stealth
Casa de Ilusion - Atjazz - Labfunk 
***Drift - patten - estoile naiant

Bottomless Dancefloor - Himuro - Clear without Items
***Divine Ecstasy - Supreme Cuts - Divine Ecstasy
Embrace - Goldroom - Embrace EP
Thunder Road - Balanceman - Well Balanced Meal

Double Flash - Leftfield - Rhythm and Stealth
Can't Kill Us -  Glitch Mob - Love Death Immortality
Shy Girl - Nite Haus -Transform the Night

pastel 7712 - Larry Kucharz - Pastels
Home - Rudimental - Home
Shell Shock Featuring Foreign Beggars - Noisia - Split the Atom
Play On - Yellow Note - We're Not the Beatles
The Journey Parts 1 & 2 - Yellow Note - Yellow Notes Vs. The Daleks
Dalek - Yellow Note - Yellow Notes Vs. The Daleks

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ambient Moves: Dance Across the Ages March 13th Show 2014

Smoke-Chachi Jones-Chachi Jones
Koza Riot-Ryukyu Underground-Ryukyu Underground
Starlight in Daden-Ekova-Heaven's Dust

The Khaleegi Stomp-Thievery Corporation Remix-Trans-Global Underground Remixes
***Sea Fax Me the Sea-Eddie Atom-Two Realms
Feel the Color-King Kooba-Nufoundfunk
The Antidote-King Kooba-Nufoundfunk

Good Morning Hypocrite-Electric President-Electric President
Air is Invisible-Baldwin Brothers-Return of the Golden Rhodes
Primeval-Aguila-Trance Pacific Express
Is it a Dream-Future Sound of Melbourne-Trance Pacific Express
***Cool Out-King Midas Sound-waiting for you

***Softer-patten-Estoile Naiant
Western Crash-Mindelixer-Lunology
***Pathways-patten-Estoile Naiant
The Train-TM Juke and Jake Baker Trio

Feel-Ear Pwr-Ear Pwr
Same Way I Feel-Midnight Magic-Walking the Midnight Streets

Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 6th Show

Alright, alright, alright...

Track-Artist-Album ***=new ^~^=part of compilation


***Rescue, Mister-TRUST-Joyland
***Un Amor featuring Carol C.- Thomas Blondet-Futureworld
***Check one - Thomas Blondet-Futureworld

We are the Music Makers-Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Lamborghini- Trance Groove- Driving South
^~^It's a Kind of Magic-Source-Trance Europe Express
Frentic 12" mix - Orbital- Rest & Play

Uncensored- Roni Size Touching Down
Trance Former (underground Mix)- Digital Rave

^~^The Longing-M Path-Trance Planet Vol. 5
***Come Down to Us-Burial-Rival Dealer
***Lights Out/ In Shinjuku-Illum Sphere-Ghosts of then and Now
Around the Block featuring Talib Kweli (Datsik Remix)-Pretty Lights-A Color Map of the Sun Remixes
Gwely Mernans-Aphex Twin-Drukgs
bbydhyonchord-Aphex Twin-Drukgs

^~^Everybody Dance-Evolution (chic inspirational mix)-Life in the Year of Deconstruction
^~^The Plot-The Most-Life is Jazz
^~^Roughneck-Eddie Roberts-Life is Jazz

***Problem Child-Nightmare Boyzzz-Bad Patterns
Tortured-Backtrack-Lost in Life
Orient Express-Leigh Cline-Orient Express

Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 28th Show 2/28/14

***Glitch Mob-Skytoucher-Love Death Immortality
Squarepusher-Planetarium-Hello Everything
***Goldroom-Embrace-Embrace EP
enCAPSULAte-Alice in Spiral Land

***Supreme Cuts-Divine Ecstasy-Divine Ecstacy
Suba-Segredo Boys from Brazil remake-Tributo
Subatomic Sound System-Hydrophonic Dub-On All Frequencies

Dj? Acurack-Nation State (Shorty mix)-Nation state
DJ Frane-A Story I Heard-Journey to the Planet of the Birds or Beats To Blaze To Volume 3
***Kids in Da Business-Unpredictable-Soundcloud Download at:
DJ Uhhlanbathor-Sexy and Free-Soundcloud Download at
***The City Lights 313-Attempting-Soundcloud
Tutto Bene-Jolly Mare DJ Uhhlabathor Remix-Soundcloud Download at

Bowery Electric-Freedom Fighter-Freedom Fighter
Midwest Product-Still Love in the Midwest-Specifics
***Illum Sphere- Liquesce -Ghosts of Then and Now

Madison Park-I Can Change Your Mind (vocal mix) with Bryan Ogden-Boutique
Madison Park-My Personal Moon (NST Mix)-Boutique

Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 20th Show Playlist

Artist Track Album
***Paul Basic-Cloak & Dagger-Transient Horizons
***Alpaca-Tengo Foxtrot- Demimonde

***Jon Hopkins Featuring Purity Ring-Breathe This Air
***Lee Bannon-Bent/Sequnece-Alternate/Endings
***Milosh-Do You Want What I Need-Jet Lag
N'D Ambi-Can't Hardly Wait (Stonebridge Club Instrumental)-Cant't Hardly Wait/The World is a Beat (Dance Remixes)

***Pretty Lights-Go Down Sunshine (12th Planet Remix)-A Color Map of the Sun Remixes
***Kid Droid-Waves (Plexus Instrument's Tokyo Electric Remix)-Project Onyx
Arto Lindsay-Kamo (Dark Stripe)-Salt

***Daedalus-Flat Faded-Drown Out
^~^Bibo-Sunday Night- Life is Jazz
Gas-Lab & Traum Diggs-Jazz Hop (feat. Natayla)-Jazz Hop

^~^Tosca-Chocolate Elvis (Boozoo Bajou Soul Sufferer Mix)-Space Jazz
^~^Pnu Riff- Comfy Club-Space Jazz
^~^Sauter-Finegan Orchestra-Swingcussion-Space Age Pop Volume 2: Mallets in Wonderland
***Youngblood Brass Band-Third Half-Pax Volumi

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dance Across the Ages Playlist 2/13/14


***Kid Droid-Onyx (Quadratic Dancehall Remix)-Project Onyx
***Pretty Lights-Around the Block (feat. Talib Kweli) (Datsik Remix)-A Color of the Sun Remixes
***Paul Basic-Carried Away [coproduced by Tropy Beats]-Transient Horizons

***Paul Basic-Reach Higher [coproduced by Pretty Lights]-Transient Horizons
SebastiAn-Love in Motion (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)-Total
Botany-Celeste-Lava Diviner True Story

Tim Deluxe-Story of You and Me-The Little Ginger Club Kid
Tim Deluxe-Battle Featuring Ben Onono-The Little Ginger Club Kid
^~^Sound Surgeons-Novo Mundo-Brazilectro: Latin Flavoured Club Tunes Session 7
Smith & Mighty-Maybe It's Me-Life is...
El Michels Affair-Walk on By (Burt Bacharach)-Rewind! 5

Beatless-Love From the Sun-Life Mirrors
Recloose-Ain't Changing-Cardiology

Carl Craig-Carl Craig Radio mix-Fabric 25

Claire-Set Out With Me-Broken Promise Land
***The Deer Tracks-Lazarus-The Archer Trilogy

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Show 4 1/30/14

Karminsky Experience-Departures-The Power of Suggestion
Ian Simmonds-The Ice Waltz (Sweet mix)-Last States of Nature
Katsen-Island in an Island-It Hertz!
Katsen-What You Want-It Hertz!
Booka Shade-Teenage Spaceman-More!

ADULT.-Hold Your Breath-D.U.M.E.
Krust-Excuses-Coded Language
Bluetech-Triangle (retriangulated)-Prima Materia

Pendulum-Self vs. Self (ft. In Flames)-Immersion

Blue States-What We Won-Main Mountain
Noisia-Falling Through-Bonus Tracks
^~^Up HyghLet Me Loz Festurning Leafnuts-Shapes compliled by Robert Luis

Marco Carola-Marco Carola Radio Mix (30 Minutes)-fabric 31
***Burial-Come Down to Us-Rival Dealer

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dance Across the Ages Winter show 3 1/23/14

The Beat Club-Pulse-Pulse
***Vitalic-Fade Away  (Album Version)-Fade Away Remixes
***Bavaria-Morning Blue-We-ll Take a Dive
***Vitalic-Fade Away (Vitalic Formentera remix)-Fade Away Remixes
***Bavaria-Silent Memory-We'll Take A Dive

Rustie Glass Swords-Glass Swords
***Burial-Rival Dealer-Rival Dealer EP
***Daedelus-Flat Faded-Drown Out
***Botany-Quatic-Lava Diviner True Story

***FaltyDL-King Brute Featuring Shanghai Den
***DJ Rashad-Show U How  featuring Spinn-Double Cup
Sebastien Tellier-Elle-Sexuality
Second Sky-Messenger-The Art of Influence

Royksopp-Sparks-Melody A.M.
Boards of Canada-Gemini-Tomorrow's Harvest
Musiq Soulchild-Scratch Introlude-Aijuswanaseing (I Just Want to Sing)
2nd Gen-And/Or-Irony is
^~^-UKO-Automatic-Sincerely Yours

***Fort Knox-What Make Ya Dance (Badboe Remix)-Ten Years of Fort Knox Remixed
Herbie Hancock-Tony Williams-Future 2 Future
A Tribe Called Red-Bread & Cheese featuring Black Bear-Nation II Nation

Induce-Livin' In The Future featuring Jack Splash-Halfway Between Me and You
The Highend Sound-Detect Mode-Urban Lounge Supreme
The Beat Kids-Song for Legolas-Open Rhythm System

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dance Across the Ages Show 2 1/16/14

***Drift Interlude-Om Unit-Threads
***Reverse Logic-Om Unit-Threads

***Fort Knox Five (Kraak & Smaak Remix)-Learning it the Hard Way-10 Years of Fort Knox Remixed
***DJ Rashad-Feelin (feat Spinn & Taso)-Double Cup
***Hiatus Kaiyote-Nakamarra (Feat. Q-Tip-Clean)-Nakamarra EP

SIlent Poets-Someday-Solebeats One
Windshield Smasher-Black Moth Super Rainbow-Cobra Juicy
Induce-Love Letter 2 U-Halfway Between Me and You

Invaders of the Heart-Bungalow Park-Without Judgement
Intuit-Western Sunrise-Intuit
Intuit-A Hard Night's Day-Intuit
60 Channels-2nd Movement-Covert Movements
***Goldroom-Embrace-Embrace EP
***Infinity Shred-Void Ripper-Sanctuary
^~^Another Electronic Musician-Qualm-Intricate Maximals

The Royal Fingers-Go Royal Fingers Go-Wild Eleki Deluxe
The Raybeats-Tight Turn-Guitar Beat
^~^Colorblind-B.Erotica-Lounge Story 2

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dance Across the Ages Winter Show 1 1/9/13

Here we are...the new quarter!  I hope to provide more music for you all in the coming weeks!

Track-Artist-Album ***=new

***Pacific-Goldroom-Embrace EP
***Waiting Game-Banks-London
Born in 1983-Robert Strauss-Quasars and Phasars
Ouija-Robert Strauss-Quasars and Phasars
Cast Away-Strange Talk-Cast Away
***One Step-Ghost Bike-Sun of the Dead

Sunset Cruise-Miami Nights 1984-Early Summer (request)
Sugar (Joey Negro Remix)-Roy Ayers-Virgin Ubiquity Remixed
***Transcend-CFCF-Outside (Paper Bag)

Smoothly Morning-Azazz-The Exotic Delight Bay
***Golden Arrow-Darkside-Psychic
Urban Chief-Atropolis-Transitions

Stylus-Zero One-Sonar
What's The Matter-Spacebar-Our Fight
***You Echo (orginal)-Nate Connelly-You Echo + remixes
How Do I MaintainParts 1 and 2-Shout Out Out Out Out-Reintegration Time

Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Quarter Show Time

Hey everyone,

The show is still on Thursdays 6-8AM.  Tune in on KUCI 88.9 FM Irvine and check out the new schedule at!!!

-DJ Diamond

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