Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week 6 Show 2/16/13

Breathing-Beat Pharmacy-Earthly Delights
***Break-DJ Sun-One Hundred

***Fire Arrow-Thomas Azier-Self-titled
***Wave-Pantha Du Prince-Elements of Light
***Particle-Pantha Du Prince-Elements of Light

***Hollow (16-bit remix)-Björk-bastards
Once Upon a Time-Pamsy-Initial D Arcade Stage 6 Double Ace
^~^Headsex (Mobile Mecca Mix)-Technohead-Make'em Mokum Crazy: The New Sound of Popcore
***Paranoid Jungle-Midnight Magic-Walking the Midnight Streets

Dogfight-Move-Initial D Fourth Stage
Forever Young-Symbol-YouTube

^~^Die Ashanti-Zen Lemonade-Mana Medicine
***The Beginning-Dobie-We Will Not Harm You
***Panoramic-Lusine-The Waiting Room
Berlin-Federico Aubele-Berlin 13

Phoenix - B-Complex
Tell Me Why-Steve Bug-Noir
^~^B. Erotica-Colorblind-Lounge Story 2

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Week 4 Show 02/02/13

***Secret-Child Actor-Victory
***Falling in Love-Strange Talk-Falling in Love EP
***Paorta Soundh-Logic Probe-Full Glitz

Gargoyles-Asphalt Jungle-Jungleization
Tira O Pe-Buraka Som Sistema-Komba

Chasing Through Track 1-Battery Operated-Chasing Through Nonspace
West Coast-Junk Culture-West Coast

You Take My Breath Away-The Knife-Deep Cuts
Rock Classics-The Knife-Deep Cuts
Blind Man-Sietta-The Seventh Passenger
What am I Supposed to Do?-Sietta-The Seventh Passenger
No Longer Hurt-Sietta-The Seventh Passenger

B.B.B.F.F.-All Levels at Once-The Pony Way (
***Eevee-Milk Puzzle-No.133 (
***Flareon-Milk Puzzle-No.133
^~^Goldfinger (extended version)-Die Krupps-Bustin' Out 1982
^~^Dyadic Shift (audiomontage remix)-yennah-Jimpster Presents: Scrambled

***Living in the Sunlight Loving in the Moonlight > Welcome To My Dream (Toasted)-Mixed by Somatoast original by Tiny Tim-Somatoast EP (forthcoming in spring) (

***^~^Big Fat Liar-Kinny-Tru Thoughts
***Peteleco-Zum-Domenico-Cine Prive
***Persephone (feat. vProjekt)-Cryogenic Echelon-Pandora & Persephone (
Barracuda-yennah-Jimpster Presents: Scrambled