Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dance Across the Ages Fall Show 13 12/26/13

Happy holidays!!!

Track-Artist-Album ***=NEW ^~^=COMPILATION

***Red-Tail & Peregrine-Daedelus-Drown Out
^~^Church-Istvan Marta featuring Marta Sebestyen-Trance Planet Vol. 5
Annanas (g-corporation dub)-Tosca-Suzuki in Dub
Exterminating Angel-Cabaret Voltaire-Jet Set: W...the DJ mix
Modus Operandi-Symbiosis-Jet Set: W...the DJ mix

Tequila Sunset-Trail Mix-Jet Set: W...the DJ mix
Celestial Funk-Space DJs-Jet Set: W...the DJ mix
Ocean-Grain-Jet Set: W...the DJ mix

***Feeling is Gone-Active Child-Rapor EP
***Games-Claire-Broken Promise Land

***Digital Haircut-Lord Echo-Curiosities
^~^Samurai-UMA-KI Music025-2
^~^Lisboa A Norte-Teresa-Jet Society

^~^Just another Guajira-Cuban Roots-Viva Cubop 3
^~^This Joint is Jumpin'-The Chazz Cats-The Hiball Lounge Sessions Vol. 1
^~^Jumptown-Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums-The Hiball Lounge Sessions Vol. 1
^~^G-Flat Blues-Pete Johnson-Boogie Woogie Kings
^~^The Acme Swing Company-The Acme Swing Company-The Hiball Lounge Sessions Vol. 1
^~^Dancin` In an Easy Groove-Lonnie Smith-The Lost Grooves

Thin Red Line-The Valentine Six-The Valentine Six
^~^Swingin' Low-The Outlaws-Its Hard to Believe: The Amazing World of Joe Meek
^~^Lost Planet-The Thunderbolts-Its Hard to Believe: The Amazing World of Joe Meek
Make Music, but not Trash-Messer Chup-Crazy Price

Times Square-Ku-Ling Bros.-Creach
Octagone Head-Ku-Ling Bros.-Creach

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dance Across the Ages Fall show 12 12/19/13

Again thanks to Fernando Castro and Melanie for covering for me the past two weeks!


***Late Night Fading-Deco-Timescales
***Mapper-Infinity Shred-Sanctuary
***Nakamarra feat. Q-Tip (Clean)-Hiatus Kaiyote-Nakamarra EP

 The 808 Track-Bassnectar-Wildstyle
^~^***Body Touch-Machinedrum-Zen: A Ninja Tune/ Big Dada Sampler 2013
Star Guitar-Shinichi Osawa-The One
***F.A.M.E.-Kraak & Smaak-Chrome Waves
***Just Wanna Be Loved feat. Joi Cardwell-Kraak & Smaak-Chrome Waves
Miasma Sky-Baths-Obsidian
Helix Stair Helve-Richard Devine-Cautella
Jump Jet-Alpine Stars-B.A.S.I.C.
Strawberry Lane-Alexkid-Bienvenida
Chase Through Track 1-Battery Operated-Chases through Non-space
People Eating Fruit-Caribou-Start Breaking my Heart/Up in Flames (two in one CD)
^~^Swing Bop (Acid Pauli's Kosmik Remix)-Der Dritte Raum-Future Sounds of Jazz Vol 12 Disc 1
^~^Village Lee [alternate take]-John Patton-The Lost Grooves
^~^Traveler's Delight-Plastyc Buddha-Rendevous Lounge
^~^Boogie Woogie Prayer-Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis-Boogie Woogie Kings

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Show 11/28/13 Dance Across the Ages

Helsinki Snow-East Net - Trance Groove - Driving South
***-isimo - Daedelus - Drown Out
***Ladies Night (feat.Zeale) - Run DMT - Run DMT

***Golden Arrow - Darkside - Psychic
***Starlight (Kodak to Graph Remix) - Run DMT - Run DMT
***Starlight (SPL Remix) - Run DMT - Run DMT
***Kodiak - Infinity Shred - Sanctuary
***GFB - HEEY - SoundCloud
***LSD Miss Shiva Remix - DJ Dag & Matthew Kramer- SoundCloud
***Stay With Me - Kronicles - SoundCloud

***Good Love - Miracle - Mercury
***Talk Positive featuring Process Rebel - MC ZULU - Outlaw Speakerbox (anthology)
How Can We Stop the Times - Kraak & Smaak - Chrome Waves
^~^The Muse - Fragment Orchestra - Departures
When it Happens, It moves all by Itself - Telefon Tel Aviv - Map of What is Effortless
Brain and Body - Ozone Cocktail - Magnetic
Madame Mope (Swing version) - Ozone Cocktail - Magnetic
Columbia - Gaz Varley - Offerings: Past & Present of !K7
Dirty Sessions - Hydroponic Sound System - Routine Insanity

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dance Across the Ages Show 8 11/21/13

Track-Artist-Album ***=new ^~^=compilation
Heartbeats-The Knife-Deep Cuts
Burakaton (Feat. Bomba Estéreo)-Buraka Som Sistema-Komba
Where the Sun Goes-Blue Sky Black Death-Noir

Starry-Blue Sky Black Death-Noir

***Lay it Down Re-Smoked( featuring DJ Nehpets)-Claude VonStroke-Urban Animal
***Fade Away (edit)-Vitalic-Fade Away Remixes EP
***Silver Lining-Shigeto-No Better Time than Now
***Fade Away (C2C remix)-Vitalic-Fade Away Remixes EP

Desert Dub (Jef Stott Nomadic RMX)-Jef Stott-Arcana

***Good for the City featuring Sam Duckworth (original)-Kraak & Smaak-Good for the City featuring Sam Duckworth EP
***Kopperkosmo-KILN-Meadow: Watt
***^~^East London-Wrongtom meets London-Tru Thoughts Recording Compilation
***Moth and Moon-KILN-Meadow: Watt
***Comm-Botany-Lava Diviner (Truestory)

***Take Back the Night-TryHardNinja-In Real Life
^~^-Squeezer-Eric Le Lann-Life is Jazz
***Yâr-Shujaat Husain Kahn (sitar), Katayoun Goudarzi (Vocal), Abhiman Kaushal (Tabla), Ajay Prasanna (Flute)-Spring
^~^Sunday Night-Bibo-Life is Jazz
***Intro featuring Treasure Don-Mexican Dubwiser-Revolution Radio
***Cumbia of the Great featuring Candice Cannabis & Blanquito Man-Mexican Dubwiser-Revolution Radio
***^~^Isué-Mercedes Peón-The Ultimate Guide to Spanish Folk

^~^The Acme Swing Company-The Acme Swing Company-The HiBall Lounge Sessions Vol 1
Si mon amour-Paris Combo-Living Room
^~^I'm Not Rough-Clint Baker's New Orleans Jazz Band-The HiBall Lounge Sessions Vol 1

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dance Across the Ages 11/14/13

Track-Artist-Album ***=new ^~^=compilation
***Avec Vous-Ryan Hemsworth-Guilt Trips
Oya Ye Ye [UFO's Universo Mix]-Snowboy-The New Latinaires 3
***^~^Ballade Djrum remix-Jono McCleery-Zen: A Ninja Tune/Big Dada Sampler 2013
Cathouse remixed by Sweet Trip-Tanako Minekawa-Ximer
***Don't Take me Seriously-Flashlights-Don't Take me Seriously EP
***Morning Light-Anoraak-Chronotropic
***Overture-Beats Antique-A Thousand Faces Act I
The Wind-Shukar Collective-Urban Gypsy
Fathom's Down-Ian Simmonds-Return to X
Groucho-Azaxx-The Exotic Delight Bay
Breathe this Air featuring Purity Ring-Jon Hopkins-Breathe this Air featuring Purity Ring Single
Fly-Vandetta-Fly Single
In The Morning-Junior Boys-In The Morning EP
***Boring Angel-Oneohtrix Point Never-R Plus Seven
***Americans-Oneohtrix Point Never-R Plus Seven
***Peachtree Interlude-Deco-Timescales
^~^Naturally-Slow Train Soul-American Rag Disc 1
***Stars are Our Homes-Black Hearted Brother-Stars are Our Homes
***Armour-Kid Smpl-Armour EP

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Show 6 11/07/13 Dance Across the Ages


Koushik-Battle rhymes for battle times-Be with
Chris Joss-Backbeating-Monomaniacs
***Special Request-Lockjaw-Soul Music

Sub Dub-Vision Quest 1-Sub Dub EP's/Original Masters
***Banks-This is What it Feels Like (radio edit)-London

Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble-Is it The Way (U) Club Vocal-Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble Club Vocal Mixes
Galliano-Nwe World Order-What Colour Our Flag

Squarepusher-The Exploding Psychology-Go Plastic
Dirty Vegas-Little White Doves-Electric Love

^~^Sauter-Finegan Orchestra - When Two Trees Fall in Love - Mallets in Wonderland
^~^Various Artists-Forest, Green Forest-Taraf: Romanian Gypsy Music

The Tikitones-Spectre Detector-The Tikitones play songs for the Suburban Savage
The Tikitones-Go Go Loco-The Tikitones play songs for the Suburban Savage

***Botany-Celeste-Lava Diviner Truestory
***Goldroom-Embrace-Embrace EP

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Show 5 10/31/13 Dance Across the Ages

Just a reminder that the KUCI fund drive has arrived for this season, a donation is greatly appreciated because we provide hard-hitting public affairs talk shows as well as music shows that offer music that other radio stations would think twice about playing.  The number is 949-824-5824 (949-UCI-KUCI) and please we are only asking for money for 9 days only and we are all volunteers offering our time and effort for no charge at all.  Once again the number is 949-824-5824.  Please make a pledge!

KUCI website: (please click on the link "Click here to donate" to get more info about the fund drive)

Have a Safe Halloween,

DJ Diamond

Artist - Track - Album ***=new ^~^=compilation %=request

Buraka Som Sistema-Hypnotized-Komba
Mindphaseone-Is There Anyone on the Air-A Wave Length Away

Mephisto Odyssey-Dream of the Black Dahlia (Keyboard mix)-Catching the Skinny
Miss Kitten And the Hacker-Party in my Head-Two

Ikonika-Mise en Place-Aerotropolis
Miss Kitten And the Hacker-Indulgence-Two
Supreme Beings of Leisure-The Light-11i
***Vandetta-Fly-Fly single

***Oneohtrix Point Never-Boring Angel-R Plus Seven
***Infinity Shred-Kodiak-Sanctuary

Skip and Die-Delhi Dungeon-Riots in the Jungle
***Infinity Shred-Shadow Jeweler-Sanctuary

Cloud Eater-Crushed-Purge
Cloud Eater-Purge-Purge

***Ghostpoet-ThymeThymeThyme-Some Say I So I Say Light
DJ Shadow-You Can't Go Home Again (radio edit)-You Can't Go Home Again EP
***Nightmares on Wax-Now is the Time- Feelin' Good
***MC Zulu-Walk the Dawg featuring Delon Raid-Outlaw Speakerbox Anthology
***^~^Illum Sphere-Fat Ballet-Zen: Ninja Tune/Big Dada Sampler 2013
***^~^Darq E Freaker-Troian-Zen: Ninja Tune/Big Dada Sampler 2013

Austra-Spellwork (Album Version)-Sparkle
Club Off Chaos-MSL-Club Off Chaos
***Wanye Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet-Prelude to a Kiss-Latin Jazz

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Show 4 10/24/13

Kaskade -  Everything w/ Andy Caldwell-In the Moment
Andy Caldwell - Gotta Move featuring Mr. J Madeiros - Obsession
 Andy Caldwell - Fear my Pride featuring Gina Rene - Obsession
Colette - Feelin Hypnotized - Hypnotized

***The Cactus Channel - Bison Slide - Wooden Boy
***Special Request - Broken Dreams  - Soul Music
***Shigeto - First Saturn Return - No Better Time Than Now

Alexkid - Bienvenida - Bienvenida
***Mindelixer - Charlotte - Lunology
***Mindelixer - Eat Grapes - Lunology
***Claude Von Stroke - Urban Animal - Urban Animal
Mozez - Spinning Top - So Still

Robert Strauss - Ouija - Quasars and Phasars
Machinedrum - Time Turned Over Itself - Bidnezz
Geezy ft. Egoraptor - Hashtag - Hashtag
4hero - Morning Child - Play with the Changes 
2 Bit Pie - Nobody Never - 2 Pie Island

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Show 3 Fall 10/17/13

 Artist - Track -Album ^~^=compilation ***=new

Steve Spacek - Hey There - Space Shift
Steve Spacek - Thursday - Space Shift
Still Searching (Real Rulers) - Collection of Speaker Poppin' Electro Beats - Ladies Rock the House
Juno Reactor - Front 242 "Pure Remix" - Masters of the Universe
Juno Reactor - Masters of the Universe (Edit)  - Masters of the Universe

***Fat Freddy's Drop - Mother Mother - Blackbird
***Atropolis - Which Way to Go festuring Carol C - Transitions
The Clonious - Emora - Between the Dots

King Britt - The Philadelphia Experiment Remixed -(Re)moved (Oba Funke Far Re-Moved Dub)
^~^DJ Dolores -Salvo! [The Preacher]  from the album Rough Music - Top of the World Compilations

^~^Eliza Carthy - Cobbler's Hornpipe from the album Aparalhagem on Ziriguiboom - Top of the World Compilations
Klezmer Conservatory Band - Bulgar A La Naftule (Naftule's Bulgar) - Old World Beat
^~^Kali - Parfum des Iles - Putumayo Presents French Caribbean 
^~^ Haiti Twoubadou - Ki Demon Sa-a - Putumayo Presents French Caribbean 
Mike Ellis - Bag's Groove - Bahia Band
Georgie Fame - Cool Cat Blues - Cool Cat Blues
^~^ Sezen Aksu - Şanima Inanma -Putumayo Presents Turkish Groove
^~^Nickodemus featuring Carol C - Cleopatra in New York (Zim Zam mix) - Putumayo Presents Sahara Lounge
Christina Braga - Love Parfait - Samba, Jazz and Love
^~^Color Blind - B. Erotica - Lounge Story

Requests/comments/shout-outs can be sent to

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Show 2 Fall 2013 10/10/13

Thank you Diksha and Thar for coming over to talk with me!
If you want more information concerning CoSIGN and/or Walk to End Alzheimer's:

CoSIGN (College Student Interest Group in Neurology)
Email is

Walk to End Alzheimer's (Alzheimer's Association) URL: (Alzheimer's Association:
Email requests/shoutouts/comments at 

Artist - Title - Album ***=new release

***Mindelixer - A Bed in the Forest - Lunology
***Claude VonStroke-The Clapping Track-Urban Animal
 Marco Bailey + Tom Hades -Brightness - E=MB2

Boards of Canada -  Jacquard Causeway - Tomorrow's Harvest
Bitcrush - To Go From There - Enarch
***Ghost Poet - Them Waters - Some Say I So I Say LIght

Subatomic Sound System - On All Frequencies Featuring Daddy Lion Chandell - On All Frequencies
Buraka Som System - Candonga - Komba
Subculture - They Album - Controlled

Birds & Batteries - The Villain - Up to No Good EP
Koushik - Lying in the Sun - Out my Window
Karsh Kale - Island - Cinema

Bliss - Right Here - Quiet Letters (US Vers.)
Wanye Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet With Jesus Diaz & mike mixtack - Estamos Aqui - Latin Jazz
***Tom Kennedy - Airegin (Sonny Rollins) - Just Play!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Show 1 Fall Quarter 10/3/13

It's great to be back at KUCI!!! email requests at

Artist-Track-Album *** indicate new album

Choncey Langford-Fab (One Syllable)-The Enthusiast
***Moderat-Let in the Light-II
***Shigeto-First Saturn Return-No Better Time Than Now

***Nightmares on Wax Street-Now is the Time
The Bang Gang Deejays-Tracks 1-15 of the Black Disc...(discogs site and start from 2.01: Sound Dance
***Embrace-Goldroom-Embrace EP

Magdalene's Dream-Coming to Get You-Self titled
Beats Antique-The Allure-Contraption Vol. II
***Ikonika-Mr. Cake-Aerotropolis
***Ikonika-Practice Beats-Aerotropolis

Bexar Bexar-princess of daughters-haralambos
Bedroom Scene-Bedroom Scene-Self titled
Bedroom Scene-Some Day-Self titled
***Raffertie-Last Train Home-Sleep of Reason

Banco de Gaia-Zeus No Like Techno-You are Here
DJ Krush-Supreme Team Featuring Anti-Pop Consortium-Message at the Department
DJ Krush-The Blackhole- Message at the Department

Magnetic-Fastlife-So Dark Now

Friday, September 20, 2013

New show time!!!

Hey y'all,

It's great to be back everyone.  This quarter my show is on Thursdays at 6AM-8AM.  I look forward to the first show on October 3rd.  The official KUCI fall schedule will be up around September 30 Midnight, just so you know.

Request line is 949-842-5824 and emailed requests can be sent to

'Til then,

DJ Diamond

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Last Show of Spring 2013 06/15/13

 ***=new release
***Funk for Freaks featuring Charlie Funk-Basement Freaks-Funk in the Trunk
***You Took Your Time featuring King Krule-Mount Kimbie-Cold Spring Fault Less Youth
***Work it Out featuring MC Rayna-Basement Freaks-Funk in the Trunk

***IAMSYS (Tape Intro)-Lapalux-Nostalchic

***Dance Featuring Astrid Williamson-Lapalux-Nostalchic
***Critics Multiply-Standish/Carlyon-Deleted Scenes
***Dye the Waters Green-Bibio-Silver Wilkinson

***Olympus Ascension ( Leslie Von Dees remix ) SAR013 Promo - Nick Wurzer & Hypnotic Progressions -Sound Cloud

Nepalese Bliss Fila Brazilia mix (Nepalese fish dances)-The Irresistible Force-Nepalese Bliss
Manifesto-The Irresistible Force-Global Chillage
***Mental Vortex-Etienne Jaumet-Night Music

Marina Gasolina-Bonde Do Role-With Lazers
***Cherry Crush (Sunwolf remix)-Rob Garza-Rob Garza Remixes
***We Disappear-Jon Hopkins-Immunity
Hospital no. 32-Lateduster-Easy Pieces

Funny Feeling-Meat Beat Manifesto-Actual Sounds and Voices
Sea Lion Goth Blues-The Growlers-The Growlers
F ride+blues-Savath + Savales-Folk Songs for Trains
Calling Tamango-Shukar Collective-Urban Gypsy
Virus (Hudson Mohawke "Peaches and Guacomol" Rework)-Bjork-Bastards

***Jungle Riot-Skip + Die-Riots in the Jungle
Age of Aquariums-Adventure Time-Dreams of Water Themes

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Show 11 Final Examinations show 06/08/13

***To Catch a Spark-Stubborn Heart-Stubborn Heart
***California Dreamin'-Afrolicious-California Dreamin'

grey world under electric light-George Sarah-Ossia
1920-George Sarah-Ossia
On the Hustle- Chatchi Jones-Chatchi Jones
Narco Tourists Unkle Mix-Slam vs Unkle-Slam vs Unkle

I'll Be By Your Side (Extended Mix)-Sally Shapiro-Disco Romance
I Know-Sally Shapiro-Disco Romance
Thunderbolt (Omar Souleyman Remix)-Björk-bastards

Solstice (Current Valves Remix)-Björk-bastards
I Sit on Acid 2000-Lords of Acid- Lords of Acid vs. Detroit
I Sit on Acid 2000 Soulwax mix-Lords of Acid-Lords of Acid vs. Detroit

***Form By Firelight-Jon Hopkins-Immunity
Luna (Dream Mix)-Eurobeat Brony ft. Odyssey-Super Pony Beat Vol. 1
***Reach for the Dead-Boards of Canada-Tomorrow's Harvest

Twenty Ten (Elite Eurobeat Mix)-Delta Brony-Super Ponyflash: Eurobeat is Magic
***Sun Harmonics-Jon Hopkins-Immunity
Luna (Nightmare Mix)-Eurobeat Brony ft. Odyssey-Super Pony Beat Vol. 1

^~^Showroom Dummies-Señor Coconut-LISTEN & Dance
^~^Soledad-Gonzalo Martinez-LISTEN & Dance

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Show 10 06/01/2013

A completely "new release" playlist for this week!
-DJ Diamond

Track-Artist-Album ^~^=compilation, ***=new, links/hyperlinks will be provided as needed.

Concrete Jungle-Silkie-City Limits Volume 1
***How Much-Carmen Villlian-Sleeper
***Dr. Zhivago-Praxis Makes Perfect-Neon Neon 
 ***The Road featuring Black Bear-A Tribe Called Red-Nation II Nation 

***Do What you Got-Afrolicious-California Dreaming
***Give it all up originally by Afrolicious-Rob Garza-Rob Garza Remixes
***Bade Malou by Afrolicious-Second Sky & Thomas Blondet-Second Sky & Thomas Blondet remixes

***Fukushima-Boundary-Self Titled
***Beacon-Beacon-The Ways We Separate
 Black and White Entralink Remix-GlitchxCity-YouTube

***Hanging Gardens-Clasixx-Hanging Gardens
***Jumpin Off-David Starfire-Ascend
***House of Bhangra-David Starfire-Ascend

***Sleepwalk with Me-Young Galaxy-Ultramarine
***Promises are never Far From Lies by AM and Shawn Lee-Rob Garza-Rob Garza Remixes

Narco Tourists (Original mix)-Slam versus Unkle: Narco Tourists
Narco Tourists (Slam mix)-Slam versus Unkle: Narco Tourists
^~^B. Erotica-Colorblind-Lounge Story 2

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Show 9 05/26/13

Prohibition-Ils-Soul Trader
Chosen Ft Ernesto-Beanfield-Seek

Cherry Picker-Blockhead-Downtown Science
Tower Seven-Thievery Corporation-Culture of Fear
Won't Take No (Full Mix)-Joel-Won't Take No EP

Turn it on-Ladytron-Light & Magic
***Industrial Resort-Standish/Carlyon-Deleted Scenes
Aotrpta-The Locust-New Erections

***Left Alone featuring Chet Faker-Flume-Self titled
***The First Daffodils-Biblo-Silver Wilkinson
Mirai-Start (Euro Senpai Remix)-Original by Mimori-Suzuko Remixed by Eurobeat Brony-Super Ponybeat Vol. 3
Don't Cry, My Son-Bumps-Bumps

***B ubble Butt featuring Bruno Mars, Tyga & Mystic-Major Lazer-Free The Universe
***Mashup The DanceMajor Lazer-Free The Universe
***Playground-Major Lazer-Free The Universe

Fabric 30 (30 minute Promotional) Radio Mix - Rub-N-Tug (For More Information:

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Show 7 05/18/13

This week's show was an attempt at playing a fully digital set.  I hope you enjoy!

Remember email requests at or contact me during the show (Saturdays at 2-4AM PST) at 949 824-5824.

Track-Artist-Album (link if available or on a hyperlink on the track name)

***Heartbreak-Adult-The Way Things Fall
***Planet X-Gaudi-In Between Times

***Mansions feat. Ruchika Advani Kids In Da Business-Radio Friendly EP
***Gold - Kids In Da Business-Radio Friendly EP
***Jump -Kids In Da Business-Radio Friendly EP
***Spinning feat. Peter Go!- Kids In Da Business-Radio Friendly EP

***TRAP mix 2012 - DJ Moles-Soundcloud

Mirai Start! (Euro Senpai mix)-originally sung by Mimori Suzuko mixed by Eurobeat Brony -YouTube (link:
Money Money Money-Roxanne-YouTube
DuckTek-Raveheart-YouTube (Link: )

Shanghai moon (8 bit) - Usk-YouTube
Lights (Bassnectar remix)- original by Ellie Goulding remixed by Bassnectar-YouTube
***Toothless Hawkins (And His Robot Jazz Band)-Varein & Razihel-Toothless Hawkins (And His Robot Jazz Band) Single Release

Chiptune-Raveheart-YouTube (link:
Heart in Chains-Phaerox-YouTube (link: )

Morning in Ponyville (Dazed Mix)-Eurobeat Brony (link:

***Holdin On-Flume-Self-Titled

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Show 6 05/11/13

Thanks for listening to the show!  Happy Mother's Day weekend and a shoutout to my mom, you're the best!

Email for questions, requests and other things to make the show better!

Track-Artist-Album ***=new ^~^=compilation

***Days Off-Adventure-World Work
Black Bullet-Kidney Thieves-Phi in the Sky
Three Devils' Tongue-Signs ov Chaos-Frankenscience

Placebo-Kidney Thieves-Phi in the Sky
Phibsborough-Westside Chemical-Law of the Land

We Dream Free-Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid-The Exchange Sessions Vol. 2
 Kilometer-Sebastien-Tellier-Kilometer EP

^~^Deep Floresta-Deep Forest-The Deseo Remixes
^~^Hall of the Mountain-Hyperborea-Ten Years Under the Earth
Won't Take No Full Mix-Joel-Won't Take No

***Feeling's Gone-Beacon-The Ways we Separate
***Idle (Second Thoughts)-Adult-The Way Things Fall
***Need Someone-Stubborn Heart-Stubborn Heart
***Crucial Data-Gaudi-In Between Times
The Seer Mix-Dogon-YouTube
Crime Wave(Crystal Castles Versus Health)-Crystal Castles-Selt-titled
Heart in Chains-Phaerox-YouTube

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fund Drive Spring 2013 Show 4 4/28/12

Thank you for tuning into the show!!!  I ask that you check out the post about the KUCI spring fund drive when viewing this or other playlists!  It would be the best!!!

Request can be emailed to (my station email) and I will find a way to play it in the next show!

New=***  ^~^=compilation w@w=online (YouTube)
***Run Away (Where are We)-Sandra Kolstad-(Nothing Last's) Forever
***Diamond Door-Ishi-Digital Wounds

***Even When the Water's Cold-Thr!!!er-!!! (Chk Chk Chk)
Nocturne (sleep dyad1)-DJ Food-Kaleidoscope
^~^ N-Trance Induction-Trance Europe Express
Nevermore (sleep dyad 2)-DJ Food-Kaleidoscope

w@w Business Car Park 9-The Black Dog-Music for Real Airports
***Fever-Young Galaxy-Ultramarine
 Don't Give it All Up w/ DJ Rupture featuring Aku & Jahdan-Matt Shadetek-The Empire Never Ended

w@w Extra Terrestrial Welcome Song-Trance Induction-Context Control E.P
Enter The Newground-DJ Kentaro-Enter
Money in the Bag-Kraak & Smaak-Boogie Angst
Nursery Room-DJ Kentaro-Enter 
Harvest Dance-DJ Kentaro-Enter

Funkhaus-Benet-Flora y Fauna
Lucky Goot Ooh yeah remixed - 3-1 - Horrible Remixes

Fly-2 Bit Pie-2 Pie Island
***Day Tripper-Shockabilly-Change the Beat
Booka Shade-more!


Show 5 05/04/13

Requests can be emailed to (my station email) and I will find a way to play it in the next show!

Creeps Crouchin'-Blockhead-Interludes After Midnight
Evolve an Object-Mouse on Mars- Radical Connector
Ain't That Something (interlude)-Sharpshooters-Twice as Nice
The Sound of Soul-Sharpshooters-Twice as Nice
Breath inside the Breath-Ram Dass & Kriece-Cosmix
The Space Left Behind-Carmen Rizzo-The Space Left Behind
Complete Control-Alpine Stars-B.A.S.I.C
^~^pt 05-Scion-Arrange and Process Basic Channel Tracks
^~^pt 06-Scion-Arrange and Process Basic Channel Tracks

Grace's State (Dub)-Swayzak-Route de la Slack Remixes and Rarities
^~^Magnetic Jungle-Hyperborea-Ten Years Under the Earth
^~^Bean-Hyperborea-Ten Years Under the Earth

***Emotional Hard Drive-Ishi-Digital Wounds
***Get the Rhythm Right-!!! (Chk Chk Chk)-Thr!!!er
One Girl/One Boy-!!! (Chk Chk Chk)-Thr!!!er
You Can't Go Home Again LP version-DJ Shadow-The Private Press

Playtime-Junior Boys-It's All Good
Change is Inevitable-Ian Allen-Nova's Lounge

Monday, April 22, 2013

Fund Drive

It is now the time to help your non-profit organizations receive funds.  KUCI is holding it Spring fund drive from today until May 3rd.  Help out free-form radio by making a small donation at (949) 326-8404 (operators are standing by) or at (UCI's e-giving site).  From there scroll down the area of support to "Gifts - Miscelleneous" and Designate it to "KUCI on the Air" on the scroll-down menu.

More info is found at this URL:

Look up the main site at

Saturday, April 20, 2013

04/20/13 Show 3

***First Firesfeat Grey Reverend-Bonobo-The North Borders
Dream unto Fathoms-Bitcrush-of embers
fray the middle to meet the ends-Bitcrush-of embers
NHD-Logic Probe-Full Glitz

I Waited for You-Simian Mobile Disco-Unpatterns
The Fiery Angels of Orc-Kraftwelt-Electric Dimension
Freiburg V3.0 (Club Europe Mix)-Tocotronic vs Console-Keoki Clash
In The Morning (Alex Smoke Mix)-Junior Boys-In The Morning EP
***Hollow (16-bit remix)-Bjork-bastards
***Mutual Core (Matthew Herbert's "Teutonic Plates" Mix)-Bjork-bastards
Between intention-Evan Bartholomew-Borderlands
and surrender-Evan Bartholomew-Borderlands
Milt Shake-Doctor Jazz-Doctor Jazz's Universal Remedy

Saturday, April 13, 2013

04/13/13 Playlist Spring 2013 Show 2

Track-Artist-Album ***=new ^~^=compilation

***Let's Do This (Jerry Abstract Remix)-Full Glitz
WeMoveTogether-Infinitirock-Music For Primordial Recollection

***Parties-Shlohmo-Bad Vibes
Natalia's Song-Zomby-Dedication
Dulaman-Hyperborea-Ten Years Under the Earth
Cara-Hyperborea-Ten Years Under the Earth

Trip to Berlin-DJ Silver-Don't Panic 
Optometrix -DJ Spooky collab w/ J-Live-Dubtometry
Robot Baby Love 1-DJ Spectra-Robot Baby Love
Robot Baby Love 2-DJ Spectra-Robot Baby Love

Intro-Scott Hardkiss-Technicolor Dreamer
Come on, Come on-Scott Hardkiss-Technicolor Dreamer

You Used To feat. Javine-Richard X=Richard X Presents his X-Factor Vol 1
S Beach-Soul Ballet-Dream
Feel this Beat-Soul Ballet-Dream
 Finest Dreams feat. Kelis-Richard X-Richard X Presents his X-Factor Vol 1
 Where Is It Going?-Orbital-Wonky

Living Room-Paris Combo-Living Room
^~^I am With You (radio edit)--Lounge Story 2
^~^B.Erotica-Colorblind-Lounge Story 2

Saturday, April 6, 2013

04/06/13 April Showers

Title-Artist-Album (if unknown) ^~^=compilation; ***=new

Respect feat. Blak Tony by T. Kinder-Dave Clarke-I Love Techno '07
Over the Edge-The Go Find-Miami
Danca do Zumbi-Bonde Do Role-With Lazers
Dolta O Frango-Bonde Do Role-With Lazers
James Bonde-Bonde Do Role-With Lazers

Straight Sun-Orbital-Wonky

Good Luck feat Lisa Kekaula-Basment Jaxx-Kish Kash
Captain Korma-The Orb-Okie Dokie It's The Orb on Kompakt
Tron-Joker-The Vision


My Trance Girl-Joker-The Vision
***Here to Stay ft. Lady Chann-Odyssey Remix
***Here to Stay ft. Lady Chann-Mino Remix
[Both of the two preceding tracks are part of a remix contest that is hosted on part of the original artist Zomboy and  The information of the contest and a list of remixes in the contest is at this link:
(add "remixes" after the backslash for the list on entries]

Stringy Acid-Orbital-Wonky

Interlaken-Alpine Stars-B.A.S.I.C.
tint 5_Glittery disco blue - Isan - Beautronics
ShadowfishClutchly Hopkins-Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjimin Music is my Medicine

***Golden Hair-Andre Obin-The Arsonist
One Big Moment-Orbital-Wonky

Someday My Plane Will Crash-God Within-The Phoenix
Indian Summer-Scott Hardkiss-God Within:Crucial Introspection Parts 1 & 2
Belle-Alif Tree-French Cuisine
Peace Y'All (I Am In The House)-DJ Logic-Zen of Logic

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break Show Part 2 03/30/13

This is the last show of the spring quarter! Thanks for tuning in or skimming the playlists!  My new show time for this quarter is a little earlier at 2AM on Saturdays. 

-DJ Diamond

q & a with The Society - Ursula Rucker -  Silver or Lead
 Leather - Death in Vegas - Scorpio Rising

 Big Ditch ( Original Mix)-DJ Icey-Galaxy of Breaks
Big Ditch (407 Mix)- DJ Icey - Galaxy of Breaks

Problem Child-Squarepusher-INfinite Beats Vol 1
That's My Jam (originalmix featuring Dam Funk)-Benedek-That's My Jam EP
That's My Jam (instrumental)-Benedek -That's My Jam EP
That's My Jam (Benedek's Midnight Cruiser Mix)-Benedek -That's My Jam EP

Go with the Flow-Metro LA-Space Park Drive
Break of Dawn feat. HowAboutBeth-Dan Le Sac- Space Between Worlds
***Drummachines-Javelin - Hi Beams
***Retrograde-James Blake-Retrograde EP
Sense & Sensibility w/ Sunday People-Madison Park-Boutique
You Do Something to Me w/ The GrooveOholics-Madison Park-Boutique
Illegal Cargo reprise-Slow Train Soul-Illegal Cargo

Adults Only-The Presets-Pacifica
Ash Sync (Air Alex Gopher & Etienne De Crecy Version
***We Are the Lonely-Una-The Laughing Man
***Vibration Science-Kaleidescope Jukebox-Infinite Reflection
Take 3-Spring Heel Jack-66 Million Shades

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Break Show Part 1 3/23/13

Boomerang-Bassnectar-Divergent Spectrum

Turkish Bazar-Emanuel Top-link:
Love in Motions-SebastiAn-Total
Mo Lovin-Chris Joss-Monomaniacs
Lost in Time (Original Mix)-Magda-link:

Time Warp-Didjworks-Citizen of the World
 ***Gamma Ray - Third Beat

Trust - DJ Kentaro - Enter
One Hand Blizzard - DJ Kentaro - Enter
***Oh Yeah (FREE DL) - Mooley
***(Free Download) Where'd The Night Go? - Kids In Da Business 
Nicky Romero & Avicii- I could be the one (LAV3R FLAVE Bootleg) [Download in discription]  - LAV3R FLAVE
***(Free Download) Sunny Days (feat. The Tallest Man On Earth) - Edward Newgate Originals 
***Devil Inside (Club Mix) - Darell Delko Ft DJ Tony Maiko
***Clarity (feat. Foxes) (Arnage Remix) -Zedd
  Black Night - Badar Ali Kahn (DJ Baba G & Dan the Automator Remix) - Asian Groove
Ancient Future-Ja Nam-Asian Lounge

    Saturday, March 16, 2013

    Show 10 03/16/13

    Take Care-Hot Chip-Coming on Strong
    The Beach Party-Hot Chip-Coming on Strong
    *For Her feat. Young & Sick-Mmoths-Diaries
    ***Losing You -Mmoths-Diaries
    Changer Domain-Adam Johnson-Chigliak
    Wata (water)-Beat Pharmacy-Constant Pressure
    Zerospace-Kidney Thieves-Phi in the Sky
    Zerospace (DJ Merrill Mix)-Kidney Thieves-Phi in the Sky
    ***Double Edge Sword W/3rd Eye Visionaries-Kaleidoscope Jukebox-Infinite Reflection
    Warm Hand in Farmland - Mice Parade - Bem-Vinda Vontade
    Beautiful Thing-Induce-Halfway Between Me and You
    My Sweet, Goodbye-Induce-Halfway Between Me and You
    ^~^Montuno Skank-Bombay Dub Orchestra-Latin Travels 2

    The Dungeon - Tartaros & Juized (Free Download at 

    Hardstyle my Style-Starsplash

    Smile, Smile, Smile! (Euro Cheer Mix)-

    Eurobeat Brony-Super Pony Beat Vol 2 

    Kimono Girls-Shota Kageyama

    Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

    Summon Ho-Oh/Lugia-Shota Kageyama

    Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

    ***Penetrate-Stubborn Heart-Stubborn Heart

    Dreaming of...-Soul Ballet-dream Beat dream

    It's not Gonna Happen-Spacek-Vintage HiTech

    Tracks 5-19 - Interceptor - Maiden Voyage

    Saturday, March 2, 2013

    Show 8 3/2/13

    True To Form - Hybrid - Morning Sci-Fi
    Know Your Enemy - Hybrid - Morning Sci-Fi
    Generations - Shur-I-Kan - Waypoints

    Rise & Fall - Kiril - Homebound
    ***Panoramic-Lusine-The Waiting Room
    ***Ashore-Mister Lies-Mowgli

    ***Prism-Colin Edwin & Jon Durant-Burnt Belief
    ***Tomorrow-DJ Sun-One Hundred

    Pirate Bay-Netsky (at the Fonda April 5th)
    ***Giratina Battle Remix-Glitch City-YouTube (URL:
    Safe In Mind (Please Get This Gun From Out of My Face-UNKLE-Never,Never, Land
    Alien Radio-Slam-Alien Radio

    Narco Tourists (original, Slam, & UNKLE remixes)-Slam vs. UNKLE-Narco Tourists EP

    Crack of Dawn-Etienne Jaumet-Night Music
    ***Welcome (Live Version)-Etienne de Crecy-Essentials
    ^~^Coonymus-DJ Olive-BBQ Beets.2 Return of the Yams
    I Fell off the Wagon-Amp Fiddler-Sly and Robbie

    email requests to

    Saturday, February 16, 2013

    Week 6 Show 2/16/13

    Breathing-Beat Pharmacy-Earthly Delights
    ***Break-DJ Sun-One Hundred

    ***Fire Arrow-Thomas Azier-Self-titled
    ***Wave-Pantha Du Prince-Elements of Light
    ***Particle-Pantha Du Prince-Elements of Light

    ***Hollow (16-bit remix)-Björk-bastards
    Once Upon a Time-Pamsy-Initial D Arcade Stage 6 Double Ace
    ^~^Headsex (Mobile Mecca Mix)-Technohead-Make'em Mokum Crazy: The New Sound of Popcore
    ***Paranoid Jungle-Midnight Magic-Walking the Midnight Streets

    Dogfight-Move-Initial D Fourth Stage
    Forever Young-Symbol-YouTube

    ^~^Die Ashanti-Zen Lemonade-Mana Medicine
    ***The Beginning-Dobie-We Will Not Harm You
    ***Panoramic-Lusine-The Waiting Room
    Berlin-Federico Aubele-Berlin 13

    Phoenix - B-Complex
    Tell Me Why-Steve Bug-Noir
    ^~^B. Erotica-Colorblind-Lounge Story 2

    Saturday, February 2, 2013

    Week 4 Show 02/02/13

    ***Secret-Child Actor-Victory
    ***Falling in Love-Strange Talk-Falling in Love EP
    ***Paorta Soundh-Logic Probe-Full Glitz

    Gargoyles-Asphalt Jungle-Jungleization
    Tira O Pe-Buraka Som Sistema-Komba

    Chasing Through Track 1-Battery Operated-Chasing Through Nonspace
    West Coast-Junk Culture-West Coast

    You Take My Breath Away-The Knife-Deep Cuts
    Rock Classics-The Knife-Deep Cuts
    Blind Man-Sietta-The Seventh Passenger
    What am I Supposed to Do?-Sietta-The Seventh Passenger
    No Longer Hurt-Sietta-The Seventh Passenger

    B.B.B.F.F.-All Levels at Once-The Pony Way (
    ***Eevee-Milk Puzzle-No.133 (
    ***Flareon-Milk Puzzle-No.133
    ^~^Goldfinger (extended version)-Die Krupps-Bustin' Out 1982
    ^~^Dyadic Shift (audiomontage remix)-yennah-Jimpster Presents: Scrambled

    ***Living in the Sunlight Loving in the Moonlight > Welcome To My Dream (Toasted)-Mixed by Somatoast original by Tiny Tim-Somatoast EP (forthcoming in spring) (

    ***^~^Big Fat Liar-Kinny-Tru Thoughts
    ***Peteleco-Zum-Domenico-Cine Prive
    ***Persephone (feat. vProjekt)-Cryogenic Echelon-Pandora & Persephone (
    Barracuda-yennah-Jimpster Presents: Scrambled

    Saturday, January 26, 2013

    Winter Show 3 1/26/12

    Smoothly Morning-Azaxx-The Exotic Delight Bay
    Astral Dreams-Laurent Garnier-Raw Works
    Odessa Dubstep-Apollo 440-The Future's What It Used To Be
    Tiroza fest. Brunom-Buraka Som Sistema-Black Diamond

    ***She's an Experiment-Jimmy Chi-Sound Cloud
    ***Cave Dancing-Tribal Soup-Sound Cloud
    ***Claps (live)-Maata-Sound Cloud [Free Download]

    ***Venom-Offshore-Bake Haus
    RB-Tsg-Trib-Sound Cloud [Free Download]
    Metallic Gypsy-Jorge Sacco-Sound Cloud [Free Download]
    ***Riding the dune - Jabaro-Sound Cloud
    ***Rory Breaker (Original Mix) - Adam Cooper (Preview Edit) - DJ Adam Cooper-Sound Cloud
    ***John Dahlback & Greg Cerrone Ft. Janice Robinson - Every Breath (LUCKY DATE REMIX) - Lucky Date-Sound Cloud
    ***Stuck in your head - Dertwev -Sound Cloud[Free Download]
    ***Dreams in dusty sands- 2M3LO-Sound Cloud [Free Download]
    ***MiRaCoDa - Dancingcrowd (Original Mix) - MiRaCoDa Production-Sound Cloud
    ***Chris Seastream - Moonlight (Nice, Sweet n' Sexy mix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) - Chris Seastream -Sound Cloud[Free Download]
    Dirty South and Thomas Gold - Alive feat. Kate Elsworth (Lucky Date Bootleg) - Lucky Date -Sound Cloud
    SCREAMING & CRYING - Leonard de Leonard remix ELECTROSEXUAL feat Scream Club, sunday & Shunda K -Sound Cloud [Free Download]
    ***Mike le Disco - Sensational (Original Mix) - mikeledisco-Sound Cloud [Free Download]
    ***Love Universe (Late Night Mix) - ♠SPADED♠-Sound Cloud
    ***Glasglow College Re-edit - NeonNerds -Sound Cloud [Free Download]
    B. Erotica-Colorblind-Lounge Story 2
    Artist Sound Cloud Pages (in order of appearance):

    Saturday, January 19, 2013

    Winter Show 2 1/19/13

    ***Under the Sun Remix-Blue Foundation
    Escalation-Jafu-Add to Cart
    The 808 Track-Bassnectar-Wildstyle
    Ice Palace-Onuinu-Mirror Gazer

    Velocity-Beat Pharmacy-Constant Pressure
    Honey Knuckle-Sounds From the Ground-Widerworld
    Rosslyn's Crypt-Dirty Art Club-Hexes
    ***Starr featuring-Thomas Gandey-Kris Menace-Features

    Salt Days-Win Win-Double Vision
    Climbing Walls-Strange Talk-Falling in Love EP
    Wild for the Night Feat Skrillex-A$AP Rocky-Long. Live. A$AP

    The Oracle-Roska-Roska:2
    ***Bake Haus-Offshore-Bake Haus

    Missile-Boyz Noize-Out of the Black
    Beautiful Lies - B-Complex -YouTube (link is
    W.A.R.-DJ Pablo-YouTube (Link:

    Every Night I See-Spaceback-Soundcloud (Link:
    Workout-Marcus-Soundcloud (Link:
    Klassy Project-Soundcloud (Link:

    Everything's Alright-Dry Ice-Street Sounds from the Bay Area: Music City Funk & Soul Grooves 1971-75
    Broken Road-Odyssey-Our Lives are Shaped By What We Love: Motown's Mowest Story 1971-1973
    Time Flies-Benida Madison-Street Sounds from the Bay Area: Music City Funk & Soul Grooves 1971-75
    A Lonely Place-Bob Carson-Street Sounds from the Bay Area: Music City Funk & Soul Grooves 1971-75

    Somebody Changed the Lock on My Door-Axel Zwingenberger, Ben Waters, Charlie Watts, Dave Green-The ABC&D of Boogie Woogie
    B. Erotica-Colorblind-Lounge Story 2

    Saturday, January 12, 2013

    Winter Show 1 01/12/13

    Its a new quarter here at KUCI and I am on Saturday mornings from 4 AM-6AM.  That Sunset mix was amazing and I an excited for future works from Beatfarmer.  The playlist feels short, but I personally enjoy this set.

    Nightshift in Blue-Jonti-Self-titled
    Wildcat (E*Vax Remix)-The Bang Gang Deejays-Light Sound Dance
    More is Enough-The Bang Gang Deejays-Light Sound Dance

     Fortune-Little Dragon-Self-Titled
    Roundtrip-Mark De Clive-Lowe-Six Degrees
    Killer Kumbia-Mexican Institute of Sound-Pinata

    Sunset Mix-Beatfarmer-Soundcloud (Link:

    So Good to Know-Best Friends Around-After the Playboy Mansion
    Falling in Love-Strange Talk-Falling in Love EP
    All That is Rising-Chico Mann-Analog Drift

    Believe (Kenny Dope Remix)-Nathan Haines featuring Shelley Nelson
    Cha Cha Cha 57-Tao of Groove-Latin Travels 2
    Ca Alors-Pascal Parisot-Le Pop2
     For the Well to Break Tonight-Digitata-Sexually Transmitted Emotions

    Wednesday, January 2, 2013

    Last Show of the Fall Quarter

    Thank you for an amazing quarter and I hope to see you all in the new year!!!

    ***Christmas Worms-Jonti-Self-titled
    ***Flesh of Morning-Jonti-Self-titled

    Step In Featuring Foreign Beggars-DJ Kentaro-Contrast
    ***Livin' in The Future-Featuring Jack Splash-Induce-Halfway Between You and Me
    ***Future Reprise-Induce-Halfway Between You and Me

    ***Shout Outs-Calamalka-All the Way Up
    ***Conchord featurning Siriusmo-Boyz Noize-Out of the Black
    ***Falling in Love-Strange Talk-Falling in Love EP
    Wild Chipitoulas (When Jungle Had a Soul)-Soul Slinger-Soul Slinger Classics Part 1

    ***3 Days Weekend-Etienne De Crecy-Essentials
    ***^~^Release Me-Hercules and Love Affair-Hercules and Love Affair
    ***^~^Strut Your Techno Stuff-Fax Yourself-Hercules and Love Affair

    Dance Molenga-Bonde Do Role- Tropicalbacanal
    Silent Witness-Shed-The Killer
    ***7th Street Groove-Empresarios-El Sonido Magico
    Meteorites-London Elektricity-Yikes
    Danse Macabre-Kraak & Smaak-Boogie Angst

    Empathy-Bassnectar-Vava Voom
    Strawberry Skies-Games-That We Play
    Bayami Dance Remix by Denzal Park-Ganga Giri-Bayami EP
    International-Brazilian Girls-NYC

    BBBeat - Balkan Beat Box - Nu-Med
    Komisk Brekt Lapskaus-Dalmingo-One Day You'll Dance For Me Tokyo
    ***7 bit Blues-Kid Koala-12 bit Blues

    City of Motion-Glowbug-Suit of Swords
    Limehouse Blues-Django Reinhardt-The Best of Django Reinhardt
    ^~^La Confianza-Chico Alvarez-John Armstrong Presents Nuyorican Funk Experience
    ^~^Condiciones Que Existen-Eddie Palmieri-John Armstrong Presents Nuyorican Funk Experience

    ^~^Taka Taka Ta-Irakere--John Armstrong Presents Cuban Funk Experience
    ^~^Pero a Mi Manera-Los Van Van--John Armstrong Presents Cuban Funk Experience
    ^~^Na na- Coke-John Armstrong Presents Cuban Funk Experience
    Tell Me a Tale-Michael Kiwanuka-YouTube
    ***More Sympathy for the Drummer-Axel Zwingenberger, Ben Waters, Charlie Watts, Dave Green-The ABC&D of Boogie Woogie
    ***^~^The Two Things in One-Snag Nasty -Street Sounds From the Bay Area
    The Crossing-Menahan Street Band-The Crossing