Saturday, May 19, 2012

Playlist for May 19th 2012

It's that time of year for birthdays so I decided to play some belly dancing music (Arabic and Turkish) at the end of the show.  I started off  with some new releases and I may play them again next week so stay tuned.  I also played Soul Ballet's "S. Beach" from the album Dream Beat Dream as the music bed and I will use this song for music bed for the show. Anyway I used some YouTube clips for the belly dancing section.  Sorry its music only but some good eye candy for you all (I look at the eyes first before I check your body out whenever possible).

For a jolly good fellow!!!

*Slugabed-Time Team-Grandma Paints Nice

Soul Slinger-Soul Slinger Classics Part I-Zulu Transform
Cassius-Au Reve-Under Influence
^~^Club des Belugas-Cafe D'Afrique-Hip Hip Chin Chin
^~^Goldfish-Cafe D'Afrique-Dream
King Kooba-Nufoundfunk-Space Jam Parts 1 & 2
King Kooba-Nufoundfunk-Koobseq

J Boogie's Dubtronic Science-Undercover-Type of Girl feat. The Mamaz
EAR PWR-Youtube-Sophie

Beats Antique-Blind Threshold-Egyptic
^~^Toure Kunda-Salsa Around the World-Rapada
 Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii-Salsa Hawaii-Tu Sonrisa
 Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii-Salsa Hawaii-Que Bonito

Maraca-Tremenda Rumba-El Fuelle
^~^Sukru Tunar-Istanbul 1925-Huzzam taksim
Ehab Tawfik-YouTube-Asik'i Nar
Gamal Goma-YouTube-Sahra Saidi

^~^Udi Hrant-Istanbul 1925-Cifte Telli
^~^Deniz Kizi/Kaninu Artaki-Istanbul 1925-Daktilo
Diaa -YouTube- El Leilah 
Beats Antique-Blind Threshold-I Got...(By Mix N Blend & Narch__Beats Antique Remix)
Asik'i Nar-
Sahra Saidi-

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