Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last post of the Quarter 06/16/12

Anyways I will not be posting weekly playlists for the summer but I have enjoyed this session the most of all.  Eurobeat, Initial D, and finding artists of old time from the compilations that I find.  I hint where you may find me in person this summer is in the United Kingdom (I could not find any English tracks but Irish tunes could get the point across).   I will be in the southern part of the English Island  (close to London and the beaches of Brighton) and it has been a pleasure picking music for you this spring.  If you liked the My Little Pony Eurobeat tracks I played, you can find the link to the record label with that and more songs for your Eurobeat sampling at the bottom of the links list.  I will try to get back to you at the fall quarter.

'Til then

DJ Diamond

Artist-Album-Song (***=New release, ^~^=Compilation)
***Simian Monkey Disco-Unpatterns-Your Love Ain't Fair
***Bassnectar-Vava Voom-Ugly Featuring Amp Live
***Bassnectar-Vava Voom-Ping Pong

^~^Compiled & Mixed byDixon & Mitja Prinz (Original by M1)-Audio Video Disco-E.F 2000, Kaje Remix
***All Good Funk Alliance-Jacks of All Trades-Quatra-Boogie featuring Neighbour
^~^Toto-Maiden Voyage-Georgy Porgy (Disco Version)
Sa-ra-YouTube-Burning Up For You
Andy Caldwell-Universal Truth-Pushin'

Amp Live-YouTube-Differ.e.n.t.
^~^Dave Clarke (Original by Quince)-I Love Techno 2007-Sub 01
***Squarepusher-Ufabulum-Drax 2

Dave Rodgers-YouTube-Space Boy
Various Artists (Unknown)-Dance Dance Revolution Disney's Rave-Electrical Parade (Retro Future Mix)
Eurobeat Brony-Super Ponybeat (YouTube)- Smile, Smile, Smile! (Euro Cheer Mix) 
Domino-Dance Dance Revolution Disney's Rave-Mickey Mouse March (Summertime Extended Version)
Various Artists-Arabic Top DJ 5-Domani

***Eurobeat Brony-Super Ponybeat (YouTube)-This Day Aria (Changeling Mix ft. Odyssey)
***Eurobeat Brony-Super Ponybeat (YouTube)-This Day Aria (Changeling Mix ft. Jessa) 
David Byrne+Caetano Veloso-Red Hot + Rio 2-Dreamworld 

Alice Smith+Alec Blanc- Red Hot + Rio 2-Baby
Jody Marchall-Cottage in The Glen-Cau' Chouzano (Asturian Waltz)

The Chieftains-Furthyer Down The Old Plank Road-Bandit of Love/Cheatin' Waltz

Eurobeat Brony ft. Odyssey & Rina -Super Ponybeat (YouTube)— The Flim Flam Brothers (Locomotion Mix) 

Space Boy -
Smile, Smile, Smile! (Euro Cheer Mix) -
This Day Aria (Changeling Mix ft. Odyssey) -
This Day Aria (Changeling Mix ft. Jessa) -
Flim Flam Brothers (Locomotion Mix) -
Odyssey Music (Eurobeat Brony  aka Odyssey) -

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