Saturday, April 20, 2013

04/20/13 Show 3

***First Firesfeat Grey Reverend-Bonobo-The North Borders
Dream unto Fathoms-Bitcrush-of embers
fray the middle to meet the ends-Bitcrush-of embers
NHD-Logic Probe-Full Glitz

I Waited for You-Simian Mobile Disco-Unpatterns
The Fiery Angels of Orc-Kraftwelt-Electric Dimension
Freiburg V3.0 (Club Europe Mix)-Tocotronic vs Console-Keoki Clash
In The Morning (Alex Smoke Mix)-Junior Boys-In The Morning EP
***Hollow (16-bit remix)-Bjork-bastards
***Mutual Core (Matthew Herbert's "Teutonic Plates" Mix)-Bjork-bastards
Between intention-Evan Bartholomew-Borderlands
and surrender-Evan Bartholomew-Borderlands
Milt Shake-Doctor Jazz-Doctor Jazz's Universal Remedy

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