Saturday, May 25, 2013

Show 9 05/26/13

Prohibition-Ils-Soul Trader
Chosen Ft Ernesto-Beanfield-Seek

Cherry Picker-Blockhead-Downtown Science
Tower Seven-Thievery Corporation-Culture of Fear
Won't Take No (Full Mix)-Joel-Won't Take No EP

Turn it on-Ladytron-Light & Magic
***Industrial Resort-Standish/Carlyon-Deleted Scenes
Aotrpta-The Locust-New Erections

***Left Alone featuring Chet Faker-Flume-Self titled
***The First Daffodils-Biblo-Silver Wilkinson
Mirai-Start (Euro Senpai Remix)-Original by Mimori-Suzuko Remixed by Eurobeat Brony-Super Ponybeat Vol. 3
Don't Cry, My Son-Bumps-Bumps

***B ubble Butt featuring Bruno Mars, Tyga & Mystic-Major Lazer-Free The Universe
***Mashup The DanceMajor Lazer-Free The Universe
***Playground-Major Lazer-Free The Universe

Fabric 30 (30 minute Promotional) Radio Mix - Rub-N-Tug (For More Information:

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