Saturday, June 15, 2013

Last Show of Spring 2013 06/15/13

 ***=new release
***Funk for Freaks featuring Charlie Funk-Basement Freaks-Funk in the Trunk
***You Took Your Time featuring King Krule-Mount Kimbie-Cold Spring Fault Less Youth
***Work it Out featuring MC Rayna-Basement Freaks-Funk in the Trunk

***IAMSYS (Tape Intro)-Lapalux-Nostalchic

***Dance Featuring Astrid Williamson-Lapalux-Nostalchic
***Critics Multiply-Standish/Carlyon-Deleted Scenes
***Dye the Waters Green-Bibio-Silver Wilkinson

***Olympus Ascension ( Leslie Von Dees remix ) SAR013 Promo - Nick Wurzer & Hypnotic Progressions -Sound Cloud

Nepalese Bliss Fila Brazilia mix (Nepalese fish dances)-The Irresistible Force-Nepalese Bliss
Manifesto-The Irresistible Force-Global Chillage
***Mental Vortex-Etienne Jaumet-Night Music

Marina Gasolina-Bonde Do Role-With Lazers
***Cherry Crush (Sunwolf remix)-Rob Garza-Rob Garza Remixes
***We Disappear-Jon Hopkins-Immunity
Hospital no. 32-Lateduster-Easy Pieces

Funny Feeling-Meat Beat Manifesto-Actual Sounds and Voices
Sea Lion Goth Blues-The Growlers-The Growlers
F ride+blues-Savath + Savales-Folk Songs for Trains
Calling Tamango-Shukar Collective-Urban Gypsy
Virus (Hudson Mohawke "Peaches and Guacomol" Rework)-Bjork-Bastards

***Jungle Riot-Skip + Die-Riots in the Jungle
Age of Aquariums-Adventure Time-Dreams of Water Themes

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