Thursday, May 8, 2014

Week 6 Show 5/8/14

Vertical Mile-Ambulaunz-Vertical Mile
A Wanna Run (Fink VIP Remix)-Ki Theory-Kitty Hawk Deluxe Edition
Stopping to Smell an Analog Rose-Ambulaunz-Vertical Mile

Geminade-John Arnold-Style and Pattern
Love Games (Album Version)-Program 2-The Feeling
The Feeling (Original Mix)-Program 2-The Feeling
Make me Better-Preshish Moments-Let's Be Friends (Clean)
Helmut Theme-Recone Helmut-PH10 in Helmut Vision

Rockstar Sequence-Ernest Gonzales-White on Saturn's Rings
Breslau-Igor Boxx-Breslau
Alarm-Igor Boxx-Breslau
Untitled-Ars Antiqua (Original by Soulslinger)-Ars Antiqua Remixed
Dance 3-Kid Spatula-Spatula Freak
Delicate Dream-Shana Halligan-Shana Halligan

Connection 17 (Matrix Mix)-Lisa Hall-iknowicandoit
Asian Vibes-Joi-One and One is One
Hittin Skittles-Hot Chip-Coming on Strong
Intro-Rodney Hunter-Hunter Files

Electric Lady-Rodney Hunter-Hunter Files
***Daggers-Fujiya & Miyagi-Artificial Sweeteners
Traveler's Delight-plastyc buddha-Rendezvous Lounge

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