Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 7th Show 8/7/14

***Come Find Me-Mr. Scruff-Friendly Bacteria
***Don't Hate the 808 feat. Lafa Taylor-Bassnectar-NVSB
False Flag Dub-Thievery Corporation-Culture of Fear
***Gnar-Bassnectar and The Upbeats-NVSB
***King (Home Dub)-Live Island-Acoustic Division Sampler

City Sleepwalker-Junior Varsity KM-Teledesic Disco 2
***Feel it Coming on-Soft Vision-Acoustic Division Sampler
A Playground Called Life Part 1-Baretta-Velvet Brick
Size-Alpine Stars-B.A.S.I.C
A Playground Called Life Part 2-Baretta-Velvet Brick

***Fashion Skater-Martyn-The Air Between Words
Triple Fat Goose-Matt Shadetek-The Empire Never Ended
El Coco Baile-Senor Coconut-El Gran Baile
Uncaged-Leb Laze-Music for Troubled Machinery
In the Morning-Junior Boys-So This is Goodbye

Batman Theme-Link Wrey-Rumble!:The Best of Link Wray
Thin Red Line-Valentine Six-The Valentine Six
Jack The Ripper (Live Version)-Link Wrey-Rumble!:The Best of Link Wray
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken-The Tiki Tones-Mondo Drive-in

Broken Nose-Rachelle Garniez & The Fortunate Few-Serenade City
Rockhouse-The Ernie Freeman Combo-Organs in Orbit
Laser Blast-Adventure-Weird Work
Electric Ewok Village-Mochipet-Disko Donkey

***Run-Jim-E Stack-Tell Me I Belong

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