Saturday, April 7, 2012

Emergency Sub Playlist for The Rave Cave for April 07.2012

***=New  release
Some tracks may be forgotten, misplaced or out of order, but here is the play list for The Rave Club's first show. Next week you can listen to the show with its main host Nikko at 4-6am on Saturdays. The order for this will follow my show's format of Artist (composer and/or mixer)-Album (or YouTube or Sound Cloud if unknown and found online)-Track

Rameses B - Memoirs
Delta 9-Disco Inferno-Welcome to Hell
Arranged by Specialist Sound and Ravepants-Sound Cloud-Psyborg mix 1 (master)
Games -That We Play- Strawberry Skies
Frederick Durand and mixed by DJ Funsko -Sound Cloud- Le Funk
Rave Our Souls -Sound Cloud- Rave Battleweapon
Balkan Beat Box-Give-Suki Muki
Anamanaguchi -Dawn Metropolis - Blackout City
Shota Kageyama-Kimono girls Ritual-Pokemon Heart Gold Soul Silver
Jazzanova-Broad Casting-Wahoo
Anamanaguchi -YouTube- Airbrushed
***Shakedown Mambo-Shakedown Mambo-Shakedown Mambo
Sabrepulse - Sound Cloud-We Are Hi-Speed
Kid Ory -YouTube - Muskrat Ramble
Anamanaguchi - Dawn Metropolis - Jetpack Blues Sunset Hues
Minako Adachi-Pokémon Black & White - Pokémon Musical: "Stardom!"
Various artists-Torch: A Six Degrees Collection-Harvest Moon
Beat Pharmacy-Steadfast-Long Beach
Anamanaguchi -Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game- Another Winter
Anamanaguchi -YouTube- Aurora (Meet Me in the Stars)
Khac Chi Ensemble-Moonlight in Vietnam-Full Moon Dance
South-Dukes of Dixieland-The Best of the Dukes Of Dixieland
Leonard Bernstein-Leonard Bernstein:A Portrait-"Rumble" (West Side Story)

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