Thursday, April 26, 2012

KUCI Spring Fund Drive

This week starts the KUCI Spring fund drive and it will go on until May 5, 2012 (at midnight).  Please help us out in this time by calling (949) 824-5824 (949 UCI-KUCI) and pledge.  There will be an operator on the phone who will guide you through the process.  University of California has lowered their support for KUCI by 20% twice in the last three years, so there is more pressure to generate income.  Our goal is $10,000 this year and we will accept any and all donations.  You can get cool stuff if you donate.  If you make a $35 donation, you will get a KUCI T-shirt, a CD, tickets or a gift certificate.  If you cannot decide between a T-shirt or CD, you could splurge a little and donate $50 to collect two premium items (CD or T-shirt or two of either one).   A $100 donation will give you a chance to pick up to four items or sit in one of the shows that play on KUCI.  I love this station because they play music for any tastes and host public affairs shows that ask the real questions.  If you like good music, this station is for you.  If you still are not convinced listen to 88.9 FM or go to and listen via the music streamer (its also on iTunes).  

Once again please donate and if you do say that you pledge for Dance Across the Ages or say I sent you.

Thank you for your consideration,

DJ Diamond

PS I provided links at the bottom of the post for your convenience and hop you enjoy the music

Links to:

The Spring fund drive information page (list of premiums, KUCI T-shirt designs, the station's history, and links to donate via Paypal or through the UCI eGiving site)-

The station's weekly schedule-

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