Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ambient Moves: Dance Across the Ages March 13th Show 2014

Smoke-Chachi Jones-Chachi Jones
Koza Riot-Ryukyu Underground-Ryukyu Underground
Starlight in Daden-Ekova-Heaven's Dust

The Khaleegi Stomp-Thievery Corporation Remix-Trans-Global Underground Remixes
***Sea Fax Me the Sea-Eddie Atom-Two Realms
Feel the Color-King Kooba-Nufoundfunk
The Antidote-King Kooba-Nufoundfunk

Good Morning Hypocrite-Electric President-Electric President
Air is Invisible-Baldwin Brothers-Return of the Golden Rhodes
Primeval-Aguila-Trance Pacific Express
Is it a Dream-Future Sound of Melbourne-Trance Pacific Express
***Cool Out-King Midas Sound-waiting for you

***Softer-patten-Estoile Naiant
Western Crash-Mindelixer-Lunology
***Pathways-patten-Estoile Naiant
The Train-TM Juke and Jake Baker Trio

Feel-Ear Pwr-Ear Pwr
Same Way I Feel-Midnight Magic-Walking the Midnight Streets

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