Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 6th Show

Alright, alright, alright...

Track-Artist-Album ***=new ^~^=part of compilation


***Rescue, Mister-TRUST-Joyland
***Un Amor featuring Carol C.- Thomas Blondet-Futureworld
***Check one - Thomas Blondet-Futureworld

We are the Music Makers-Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Lamborghini- Trance Groove- Driving South
^~^It's a Kind of Magic-Source-Trance Europe Express
Frentic 12" mix - Orbital- Rest & Play

Uncensored- Roni Size Touching Down
Trance Former (underground Mix)- Digital Rave

^~^The Longing-M Path-Trance Planet Vol. 5
***Come Down to Us-Burial-Rival Dealer
***Lights Out/ In Shinjuku-Illum Sphere-Ghosts of then and Now
Around the Block featuring Talib Kweli (Datsik Remix)-Pretty Lights-A Color Map of the Sun Remixes
Gwely Mernans-Aphex Twin-Drukgs
bbydhyonchord-Aphex Twin-Drukgs

^~^Everybody Dance-Evolution (chic inspirational mix)-Life in the Year of Deconstruction
^~^The Plot-The Most-Life is Jazz
^~^Roughneck-Eddie Roberts-Life is Jazz

***Problem Child-Nightmare Boyzzz-Bad Patterns
Tortured-Backtrack-Lost in Life
Orient Express-Leigh Cline-Orient Express

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