Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dance Across the Ages Spring 2014 Show 2 04/10/14

Track - Artist - Album

Energy Wizard - Squarepusher - Ufabulum
El Ninjo - Strange Cargo- Hinterland
Remind Me One Day - Robokoneko - Anembo: Music for a Quiet Place

Anthracite T Vari-Richard Devine-Lily of the Valley
Yamuna - Phonicia - Lily of the Valley
Saigon - Delarosa S Asdra - Lily of the Valley
Rotea - Takeshi Muto - Lily of the Valley

My Quadrant - SubtractiveLAD - Giving Up the Ghost

Not Getting any Better (Album Version) - Innerpartysystem - Not Getting any Better: The Remixes
Poland - I Led 3 Lives - Peace Now
Sideways - I Led 3 Lives - Peace Now
Making it Pay - Dabrye - Idol Tryouts
At the Bottle - Charles Manier - Idol Tryouts
Laundry - Midwest Project - Idol Tryouts

Give me Love (House Mix) - Bob Sinclair - Bob Sinclair Presents Cerrone
Supernature (Nu-Soul edit) - Bob Sinclair - Bob Sinclair Presents Cerrone

Feel Thru Life (Featuring Paige Scott) - Subatomic Sound System - On All Frequencies
Song of the Storm - Emilie Simon -The Flower Book
I wanna be your dog - Emilie Simon -The Flower Book
Dame de Lotus - Emilie Simon -The Flower Book

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