Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Show 1 04/3/14

It looks like I am keeping my time slot on Thursday mornings at 6AM PDT!  Thanks for listening in!

The Day I Lost the Beat-Kinky-Barracuda
^~^Living It Like a Lion-Caseno-Sweat It Out! Records Sampler
A Brighter Day DJ Spinna Remix - DJ Smash Presents Phonography

Waiting for You... -King Midas Sound-Waiting for You...
At the Dance-Hint-Driven from Distraction
Clear with Items-Himuro-Clear without Items
Epic Suitcase-EAR PWR-Super Animal Brothers III
Secret Stars-EAR PWR-Super Animal Brothers III

Track 909-Mephisto Odyssey-Deep Red Connection
Crash [featuring Static-X]-Mephisto Odyssey-Deep Red Connection

Spy-fi - DJ Silver-Don't Panic
^~^Space Cadet-Matt Shadetek-Solar Life Raft
^~^Strength in Numbers-Timeblind-Solar Life Lift
***Kill the Time [featuring Fiora]-Tensnake-Glow
***Vanilla Skyscraper- Conrad Clifton-Picture in Picture

***Readly/Available-Lee Bannon-Alternate/Endings
^~^Revo-Aardvarck-DJ Kicks: Kode 9
The Headphonist-Kinky-Atlas
^~^Phat Si-Cooly G-DJ Kicks: Kode 9
***Cooking Shows-Sabota-Sabota
She Rides-Soul Ballet-dreamBeatdream
^~^B. Erotica-Colorblind-Lounge Story 2

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