Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dance Across the Ages 06/05/14 Playlist

You've Been Spiked-Chris Joss-You've Been Spiked
Black Powder-Motor-Black Powder/Punkture
Space Monkey-Genji Siraisi-CensorSh!t
Jefferson Shuffle-Pest-Necessary Measures

***Ezra's Interlude featuring Ezra Koenig-Chromeo-White Woman
***Old 45's-Chromeo-White Woman
***The Meaning of Life-Chrome Sparks-Goddess EP
***Eyes for You-Steffaloo-Heart Beats

***triangle-Bad Bad Not Good-III
Disc for Jay-Genji Siraisi-CensorSh!t
Wipe that Sound-Mouse on Mars-Mouse on Mars Live 04
Black Moss Caves Pt. 1-Secret Frequency Crew-Forest of the Echo Downs
Fantastic Voyage-Takako Minekawa-Fun 9
Tiger-Takako Minekawa-Fun 9

***Do It-Sorceress-Dose
Honey (Amsterdam is not L.A.)- Solex-Low Kick and Hard Bop
No Longer Hurt-Sietta-The Seventh Passenger
The Fire of Love by Noel W. Sanger-Thomas Michael-Soundscapes--Live From Melbourne
Climbing Walls (Van She Tech Remix)-Strange Talk-Falling in Love EP
The End Piece-Sub Liquid-Beneath your Reflection

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