Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer 2014 Show 2 6/25/14

***Don't Ask- Sabota-Sabota
***Holiday Heart-Ki Theory-Kitty Hawk Deluxe Editino
***Lost featuring Pell-Tomas Barfod-Love me
***Destiny's Child-Tomas Barfod-Love me
***Busy Baby featuring Nina K-Tomas Barfod-Love me
***Saltare (Parts 1 & 2)-Throwing Snow-Mosaic
***Hypnotize featuring Kid A-Throwing Snow-Mosaic
***Family in Everybody-Secrets of Bohemia-Altai Lelio
Limbic-Lobe-Water Communication
Spaced in-Colin Newman-Water Communication
***Trust in You-Tourist-Patterns EP
***Photographic (Megamix)-8-Bit Operators-Tribute to Depeche Mode Enjoy the Science
***Lost in the Chrome Forest-Chrome Sparks-Goddess EP
***Glassbeadgames with Four Tet-Martyn-The Air Between Words
***Set Me Free (Piano Dub)-Nightmares of Wax-N.O.W. is the Time
***Arsha Noah-Nightmares of Wax-N.O.W. is the Time
Pinch Beck-Kona Trinagle-Sing A New Sapling into Existence
Bruzin (VIP)-Terror Danjah-DJ Kicks: Kode 9
Run (feat. Flo Dan)-The Bug-DJ Kicks: Kode 9
Hangover (Bababa)-Buraka Som Sistema-Komba
Solta o Frango-Bonde Do Role
Rap Do CB-Bonde Do Role

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