Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer 2014 Show 3 07/02/14

***Deliverance-Mr. Scruff-Friendly Bacteria
Duck-Interfearence-Take That Train
F-Train-Spuarepusher-Do You Know Squarepusher?
Who Stole the Show-Brassy-Got it Made
Play Some D-Brassy-Got it Made

Art School Girls-Ninjasonik-Art School Girls
Cosmic Rocker (...this one remix)-Ruts-Babylon's Burning Reconstructed Dub Drenched Soundscapes
June Louder-Thumbstack Smoothie-Homestyle
The Game is not Over featuring Miss Kitten-T.Raumschmiere-Radio Blackout
Drown in the Sea While Watching the Stars-T.Raumschmiere-Radio Blackout
Noondoggy-Thumbstack Smoothie-Homestyle

Exterminator (Massive Attack remix)-Primal Scream-Rarewerks
Inside and Out(Pearson and Usher Elektronischer Dub)-Feist-Ewan Pearson
Meikou-Uusi Fanrtasia-Life is Jazz
Mommy Cmoplex-Peaches-I Feel Cream (Clean Edit)
Tammi-Rinne Radio-Life is Jazz

Hogg Heaven-Davie Allan-Loud Loose and Savage
Harry Sledge-The Charles Napiers-This is...Mondo Way
Rumble-The Charles Napiers-This is...Mondo Way
Invasion of the Body Surfers-Davie Allan-Loud Loose and Savage

Very Subtle Elevators-Man or Astroman?-A Spectrum of Infinite Scale
Friends from the 80's-Disjunction Reunion-Couchblip!
Don't Move-Cottonbelly-Amount of Niceness

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